Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet The Band: Donna

Hi, Donna Here…

Band Name: Donna

Location: Binghamton, New York

We are Donna, comprised of the Balles Twins Justin and Kyle who were formed my by Mike and Donna Balles at some point in late 1985. When birthed on August 12th 1986, Donna got a 2 for one special with these boys. Justin was infamously born two minutes before Kyle. They were both pulled from the belly. C-section saved them from drowning in the amniotic fluid.

Justin Michael Balles - Guitar/ Wayne Gretzky, Effects
Kyle Edward Balles - Drums/ Jungle-Set/ Barrel-Master/ Frank Thomas
Videoscope KP5040/KP – Visual Stimulation

Releases to date:

-Ed’s House of Cards c. 2010. Only six sets of ten have been released thus far. Each set of 10 consists of handmade Chunky collages, hand painted cd’s, inside of 45RPM Chunky record sleeves, essentially a 7” cd. Each unique to its own, Kyle does the outside collage chunking, Justin does the inside disc drawing/painting, Videoscope just watches…
-We just finished recording material for our new full length album in December 2010 which will be released Feb./March 2011, no title as of yet, also hoping to have it pressed on vinyl, really excited about the new material, hope you like…

Tell us about yourselves!
We are a three piece band; Drum, Guitar, and Videoscope KP5040. We call her KP for short because she’s with both of us. We are two-thirds remnants of the previous bands Smith Hill and The Bibits. After almost ten years with those bands, we made the swift transformation of ditching the bass player presence. An immediate flood-gate of repressed material began pouring from us, which has now been pumping insatiably since June 2010, heavy flow... A few months ago we added KP, she is a cute big-screen TV / glorious visual stimulator. KP plays re-appropriated movies while we do the music; it is mutual and groovy all at the same time. We face her and she guides us through. Sometimes when she rubs our synergy just right we improvise tremendous loads. This is where we are currently at in our Balles evolution, exploring reverb realms and the rhythms of bouncy bouncy B-boy beats. We’re not really into vocals, nah… although we really dig the sounds of Keets and old washing machines…

We’ve also played shows with the likes of Kayo Dot, Zach Hill, and Cheer-Accident…

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Don't miss Donna live at Waffle Frolic (on the commons) on Friday, Feb 11th with Gull, Rival Tribes, and Plasma 36. 8PM $5