Thursday, January 20, 2011

Meet The Band: Painted Rust

Band Name: Painted Rust (all positive and negative comments about the band name can be addressed to Rich the guitarist, but be warned, he will probably take you down and submit if you are below a purple belt)

Location: The hard streets of Flatbush, Brooklyn (BURN WILLIAMSBURGH! BURN!) and the non-shores of New Jersey.

Formed: Painted Rust started when Andrew and Rich started jamming together in the beginning of 2008. Sometimes we were fortunate enough to jam with this guitarist by the name of John Mansfield, but that ended up not working out. Things started coming together in February of 2010 when Charlie Forsyth joined and Pete in May. We were ready to audition vocalists in October and that is when Mike Goncalves auditioned and joined to solidify the lineup of PAINTED RUST.

Members: Richard Michael Emory: Guitar/leads/Arm rendering ju-jitsu and arm bar dive bombs, Charlie Forsyth: Bass and taco domination, Peter Llyod: Guitar and shredtastic aerial support, Mike Goncalves: Brutal vocal assault, Andrew Hernandez IInd: Drums and lack of respect for winter fashion Accouterments.

Releases: We recorded a 4 song demo that we will have with us at the show and on the 5 day mini-tour. I don't know when we'll get around to recording a proper release, we haven't discussed if we will move towards that and record an EP or hold out and record an LP, but I'd assume we would record in 2011 with late release in 2011 or total Mayan calendar meltdown in 2012.

Band history: It has been a long road to where we are today and I applaud my band members for sticking it out, thankfully we all have busy lives and side projects, I am probably away from home at least 3 months and up to 6 months out of the year, that is a lot of practices missed.

What's coming next:  I think you meant "What Happens Next?"the awesome fastcore band from CA that existed during the heyday of 625 and the final years of Slap A Ham featuring Max from SPAZZ and some dudes from Your Mother ("don't F**K with the Ghost!"- that song lol'd).
 R.I.P Powerviolence (that shit is dead), long live MITB.

Describe your sound: Who knows? I am influenced by DEATH, Human Remains, Lethargy and Times Up, Rich is heavily influenced by HUMAN REMAINS and the 1980's line up's of METALLICA,  Mike is influenced by Tomas Lindberg (At The Gates/Disfear) and the Gothenburg death metal scene, Pete is influenced by
Chuck Schuldiner (Death) and Luc Lemay (Gorguts), Charlie is influenced by Frank Zappa and Quantum Theory.

What's the purpose of the band: Do you get people who say, "we want to change the world, environment and socio-political views of multi-national conglomerate national capitalistic insular viewpoints"?  That's bullshit, we play music, a pure release of energy and emotion, a place where you can connect with fellow people or dive into one’s self and meditate for the duration of the performance. Though I think as whole we would like the world to change.

Upcoming shows: This Ithaca show is our first show EVER, so go easy on us... post that, we have four more shows and then I think we will keep as busy as possible.

Former/current bands:
Mike Goncalves plays in GRIMUS (bass) and WINDFAERER (vocals, bass, guitar), Pete plays in Dytrophy, Andrew plays in TOMBS and Rich plays in

Do you guys assist w/ DIY or music in your area: By being a band that plays fringe progressive death metal.  NYC is a tricky place, I personally used to be way more involved in the comings and goings of setting up shows and general scene blah blah blah, but now I don't like to stay out and feel like shit everyday and pad my scene points and so I don't care for that crap.  Pete is pretty tight up in the NJ house show scene and I know Mike has some NJ support going on.

I hope this is sufficient, because I'm at work and I probably should stop working on this before someone catches on and I get in trouble, if I get fired it's your fault Bubba!

PS- Pete says,  "I love walks on the beach and romantic evenings at the endless summer truck"