Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Meet The Band: Mouth To Mouth To Mouth

Band name: Mouth To Mouth To Mouth

Location: Ithaca, NY

Gabe Millman: drum gits & percagits
Corey Fox Mahaney: gits & vix
Bubba Crumrine: bassgits & vix
Peter Pillardy gits & bits

Formed: Fall 2010. About a year and a half ago Corey, Peter, and Gabe first discussed starting another band together because initially they were all in Makeshift together. More and more bands were formed but the idea kept lingering between the three of them. Corey mentioned the idea to Bubba around the time he was contemplating starting up a band more akin to his first Ithaca project, Bazaar of Guillemots, after playing some of the material for friends Sleep For The Nightlife. Corey and Gabe started writing what became "Open Hand, Insert Mouth" in August of this year while Peter was in Poland. The three who were in Ithaca started jamming while Peter started learning the material via Skype. We played a secret show in November and people said we were smokin'.

Releases: Nothing! We're on the face and the my though. Three tracks on each but they're different.

Sounds like: Mathpunk... a bit of an oxymoron?
Feels like: You're a spool of thread tied to an antennae of a car heading a high speed chase, rapidly unraveling.
Tastes like: Kiss your Mom and your Dad at the same time.
Smells like: Teen spirit! Wait.. that's taken. Naked men. Maybe we should have used that for sounds like.

Features members of: Speak Daggers, Ballistic Shit Circus, Makeshift, Fight A Scary Dog, Genital Holograms, Brian!, Angry Furniture, DAADs,

Upcoming shows: Friday, Jan 7 with Beach Parade, Longitude, Cattle Drums, Sirs, and Johnny Lucas at GreenStar Annex. 8PM $5. We've got a show coming in Feb but we can't talk about it yet.