Friday, May 28, 2010

Meet The Band: Crime Pays


Location: Ithaca, NY

Formed:  2010

Caleb- guitar
Jesse- skins
Pete- sing

Releases: 'Get to Steppin' EP (2010)

Tell us about yourselves!
3 amigos holdin it down w the fam not givin a fuck makin moves sipn brews getn loud getn bruised

Features members of:
Beach Parade
Summer People
El Stun Gun

Online links:

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Meet The Band: Ailments

Band name: Ailments

Location: From Olean and Ithaca, New York.

Formed: December of 2008 as a guitar and drums two piece. Justin Tarr was added on bass in the fall of 2009.

Tyler Rodkey-guitar, vocals, songwriting
Noah Kenyon-drums, vocals, songwriting
Justin Tarr-bass, vocals, driving

150 copies of our self released 13 song demo cd (copies still available),
125 copies of our self released 12 song cd ep "Tom Jonesin'" (2 re-recorded tracks from the demo and 10 new tracks, still available),
100 copies of "Tom Jonesin'" were also released on cassette tape by the Rochester, NY DIY label Delinquent Records (different artwork, still available)
Split 7" with Ithaca's Genital Holograms coming this summer.

You can check for updates on Olean and Ithaca release shows. This will be the the first Ailments’ release containing our new bass playing Justin Tarr.

Tell us about yourselves!
Ailments was started as a meditation on suffering and the conflict with the human's basic mental and physical capacity to overcome that suffering. Whether personal, political, or spiritual, most of our songs are about our current status and emotional view on the possibilities to overcome this suffering and also the possibilities of pure failure.

Our sound is quite hard to describe because it always tends to shift wherever our energy takes it while clinging like a vice to the raw power violence

Monday, May 24, 2010

Ithaca Underground's Bubba Crumrine catches up with Brandon Sedlak (guitar) and John Delzoppo (drums) of Cleveland shred fest, Clan of the Cave Bear on their way to NYC. Look out this Saturday, May 29th for their return to CSMA, this time up in the 3rd Floor Auditorium.

IU: How has the first week and a half of tour gone?

Brandon:  The tour is going really well! All the shows have happened. We spent a day in the Smokey Mountains, rented a cabin there, and got real romantic (laughs).

IU: Glad all is well so far! This is one of your longer recent tours, correct?

Brandon: The longest tour we ever did was when we went out to the west coast. That tour was a little over a month. This one is a little longer than normal though.

IU: It’s been almost  a year since we last had you two out here with Upsilon Acrux, what have you been up to?

Brandon: We’ve been spending a lot of time writing new material. We did a final tour of ’09 in the winter and didn’t play another show, even locally, until May.  We’ve been working on writing, we’ve done a few recording projects with other

Ithaca  Underground's Pete Ives gets the skinny from Mikey, bassist for heavy-wonders, Megachurch! Catch them with Clan of the Cave Bear, Crime Pays, Hiroshima Vacation, Ailments, and Dweeb this Saturday, at CSMA 3rd Floor.

IU: Where are you guys from?

Mikey: Cleveland, OH

IU: How long have you been together?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Interview with Thunderhole

Thundehole return to Ithaca after much popular demand continues to reverberate from their great performance in support of Shonen Knife last fall.  Find out what's shaking from these three Bostonians as Ithaca Underground's Bubba Crumrine interviews.

IU: What have you all been up to since we last saw you in Oct?

Thunderhole: Since last October Thunderhole has been very busy. We had a southern tour in January that took us through cities like Hot Springs, New Orleans, and Miami, to name a few. It was great, even though it was during a freakish southern cold spell that lasted the entire tour. Every city was apologetic for the weather, which is comical to a band from Boston. Most recently we finish a series of weekends in April that took us all around Northeast, including a four day tour with our pals Ho-Ag. We've also been writing new songs.

IU: How did the Thunderhole come to be initially and come to the current line up:

Thunderhole: Thunderhole officially started around 2007 after Eric's old band's

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ithaca Underground's Pete Ives gets a short abstract from the guys in When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth. Catch their noisy heaviness this Thursday, May 20th at The Shop with Donna (members of Smith Hill), Reformat, and Thoth.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Fuck The Facts founder Topon Das pauses from preparing for the band’s next US tour - including their first Ithaca performance since 2003 – to discuss where they’ve been and where they’re going: new tour, their first DVD, a new 7” EP, and a new LP in the works.  Ithaca Underground’s Bubba Crumrine interviews. 

IU: Hey, congrats on releasing your first DVD!

Topon: Thanks! We’re excited for it. It’s a DVD for our last full length, “Disgorge Mexico” which came out in August of 2008. We filmed a live concert where we played the entire album from start to finish in our hometown.  A friend of ours, Dave Hall made a really cracked out movie to accompany the whole album as well.  Those two things have been in the works for a while, we finally got it done, and it was just released. We’re pretty stoked about it!

IU: Wow, I can only imagine the amount of time and effort that would have to go into pulling that off, especially in such a DIY manner.

Topon: Yeah, our friend Dave I mentioned runs a DIY film company.  He’s done work for us before, the Today Is the Day movie, and the Maryland Death Fest

Recorded live by TFD at Ithaca Underground's Big Day In, Spring 2010

High Res Version

High Res Version

High Res Version

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pete Ives interview's Rich Hoak from Total Fucking Destruction/Brutal Truth! Catch TFD tomorrow at Big Day In!

IU: Where is Total Fucking Destruction from, and what are they all about?

Rich: Philly.. post-apocalyptic grind

IU: How'd you guys start making music?

Rich: When Brutal Truth broke-up, started writing songs with TFD-- went from there.

IU: What got you into hardcore?