Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NAKED NOISE: Friday, Nov 30th 2012
presented by Ithaca Underground and Angry Mom Records, 
Community School of Music & Art, 3rd Floor Auditorium
330 E State / MLK Jr St., Ithaca, NY 14850 
9PM | All AGES | $5

An evening of extended drone experiments w/ mems. of Sun Spells, Time/Being, Tzar, Underground River, BRIAN!, Soft Healer, the Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble, Hiroshima Vacation, and more.

Welcome to the third installment of NAKED NOISE. The project began last year as a three-way collaboration between local drone-lords Sun Spells, jazz-punk duo The Invisible Hand, and the genre-defying trio Time/Being. The result for each of the May and July sets was a epic ritual of drone, volume, and visuals. 

Join us once again as we transform the CSMA Auditorium into an ethereal sound garden, with a massive 16 musician, amplified ensemble. This is far more than just a show - more of a total transcendental sound experience. The performers will be set up in a ring, where the audience is encouraged to wander around the circle of musicians and experience the performance from a variety of angles. The sound will stretch and mutate based on which performers you're closest to. 

The performance will be entirely improvised with each musician dedicated to the ebb and flow of chaos and restraint. 

So far, musicians include all 5 members of Sun Spells, including their Purple Henry and her vocal prowess, the Ithaca return of Time/Being, Michael Stark of Tzar (etc), Hunter Davidsohn of Underground River, Will Slack and Marie Butcher of Soft Healer, Bubba Crumrine of BRIAN!/Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, Taylan Cihan of Problematic and the Cornell Avant Garde Ensemble, VII of Hiroshima Vacation, and Michael Troutman. Get ready for a mountain of guitars, bass, electronics, amps, and percussion and be sure to join us for a very unique sound experience. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

BIG DAY IN is back in a big way with 14 bands from across the Northeast U.S. including a special reunion performance of FIRE WHEN READY.  

Full list of bands below with links & more after the jump.

Ithaca Underground presents: BIG DAY IN (#7)

FIRE WHEN READY (Binghamton/Brooklyn/Durham)
*special reunion appearance*

Summer People (Low Light Records : Binghamton, NY)
Shellshag (Don Giovanni Records : Brooklyn, NY)
Porches. (NY)
Cerce (Mayfly / Solidarity : Boston, MA)
Old Wounds (Glory Kid Ltd : NJ)
Girl Souts (Carucage Records : PA)
Vaura (Weird Records : Brooklyn, NY)
Black Throat Wind (Hex Records : Syracuse, NY)
Ohne-ká and the Burning River (Syracuse, NY)
BATISTA (Ithaca/Binghamton/NYC)
GypsyGetsShotgun (Ithaca, NY)
King Sized Pegasus (Angry Mom Records : Ithaca, NY)
Oscar Albis Rodriguez (Brooklyn, NY)

Saturday, December 8th

The Haunt
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY 14850
12:00PM until ~11:00PM

Sponsored by:
McNeil Music of Ithaca
Angry Mom Records
Ithaca Guitar Works
The Enchanted Badger
The Haunt
Model Citizen Tattoo
Durland Alternatives Library
The WordPro
Don Giovanni Records
Finger Lakes ReUse Center
Hex Records