Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet The Band: Underground River

Band Name: Underground River

Location: Binghamton, NY 

Formed: 2003 (as Onemanriot) 2009 (as Underground River)

Led by Hunter Davidsohn, performances can range from an intimate solo acoustic setting but also performed with with Lewis Cheseborough Adam Southard and Daniel Morosi, who play on the "Whos Fallowing Who" EP. Appearances on other recordings and releases include Jade Soto of Summer People, as well as Andris Balins of Future By Now, and Mim Readling of Ithaca's very own Ladykiller.

Releases: What Are the trees reaching for? (2004) The Industry Will Not Marry (2008) Whos Fallowing Who EP (2010) Volume One (2010, UK Compilation)

Tell us about yourselves!
"Underground River: the art that surrounds us, the influence on our work that is harvested from beneath the soil which we walk on. I feel like music and art is everywhere, you just have to choose a medium. Weather it be guitar, camera, piano, clay or canvas etc, Its about holding up your antenna and harnessing whats captured for your own interpretation. Songwriting to me, is like a picture or a painting that I'm constantly adding to using different instruments for colors of sound that best relate to the idea of the song or how I'm feeling. I've been recording and producing music for about 8 years now. I use primarily analog tape, mainly because I still haven't found a computer that has been able to put the depth that a tape machine does into the recording end of things. I also dig the limitation, work process, and focus of ideas that go into it.

Onemanriot started as an outlet for me.. as any other artist would doodle, I'd grab my 4 track and a sm57 and just start with ideas, overdubbing and experimenting. To me a good song can survive any recording quality. Its all about embracing the medium that your working with and Understanding what you are trying to do."-Hunter Davidsohn

Underground River off of a recent European tour has been working on a new full length album which will be out spring of 2011 titled "Other Peoples Dreams" on the Epiphysis Foundation, home to Viking Moses, Golden Ghost, Spen King, Sam Goodwill, Mother Makenzie and more. The sound can be described as Mellow-Cult, Cinematic, Psychedelic, soul with Cohen-esque poetics production to match the likes of Lee Hazlewood, and delivery that haunting, soulful, and timeless.

Don't miss Underground River with Attic Abasement, DAADs, and Kaboosh! at the new GreenStar Annex, 700 W Buffalo, Ithaca, NY 14850 in the old Class Act show room. 8PM $5.