Saturday, January 22, 2011

Meet The Band: Kaboosh!

Band Name: Kaboosh!

Location: Lansing, NY

Formed: June 2010

Parker Callister - yells and strums
Conor Stanhope - hits stuff (and plays keyboard...)

Where is your music available: You can check us out at and In the near future, we are probably going to release some self-produced/recorded EP/demo thing that we'll just hand out at shows.

Band History: We basically formed to make music that we hadn't made yet while the actual formation of the band was kinda accidental. It was one of those things where I wrote a song and asked Conor if he wanted to record it with me and play on it. And then BOOM! Kaboosh!

Sounds Like:
Folky, poppy, sometimes melancholy music that's fun to play.

Upcoming Shows: January 15th, starting at 8pm, we will be playing a show at Waffle Frolic in downtown Ithaca with Mike (A)!, Rye 'N' Clover and Fight A Scary Dog and of course January 27th, also starting at 8pm, we will be playing a show at the Greenstar Annex with DAADs, Underground River, and Attic Abasement.

School Of Rock: In Ithaca, Nick Bullock, from Revision fame, has a program called the School Of Rock. This is where a bunch of teenagers are put into bands at Nick's house and each band has  a different category of their choice. At the end of the last session, Nick asked us if we would like to have a slot at the closing performance. The bands that played were all put together within a matter of about two months and it really astounded me as to how many people out there need to get in a real band due to the sheer talent i saw on the stage from all that participated.

Ithaca Underground: We in Kaboosh! feel that the idea behind our band is to play music with and for some of the coolest people on the planet while having fun doing it. And with IU, this is possible! So, hats off to the Ithaca Underground, Bubba Crumrine, awesome bands that take the time to play here, regular concert goers, venue owners, and anyone that has helped in any way to support one of the best things in underground music!

(pic coming soon!)