Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet The Band: BEES///

Band Name: BEES///. Gimme had a dream about four deaf kids who made music, calling themselves The Bees, and we try to embody that essence through the power of ELECTRIC GUITAR.
We used to be called The Touch Yourselves/The Bees/Suicide Death Cult. Now those are just slashes.
But names are important to forget about. The best thing would be a band called every sound that they ever make as together and then people don't get any unhealthy dose of persona before the thing itself.

Members: Gimme D. Brown, Devin B. Brown, Brian H. Ma, + a chorus of ghosts and vapors + everybody.

Location: Binghamton, NY. It's sort of like a giant Civil War jacket full of mice, beached between the stinking sheen of two rivers. I wish I could say that I was born there, but we came to the place as intruders.

Formed: December 10, 1986 at Westchester Hospital + November 30, 1988 at Danbury Hospital. The Brown brothers have been in bands since they learned that it was cool to do in Pre-school. The first effort, Krippy Krappy and the Krippy Krappy show, survives only on a single challenging cassette, "Krap".
But this particular thing stands out as having more of our blood and hope in it than anything we've yet made together. It's changing rapidly, too rapidly to keep up with, but there's a joy in that constant de/rematerialization that's a large part of how we feel and want people to feel.
A lot of the rest of it has something to do with words like technoshamanism, ritual, catharsis. It's maybe not the most intellectually involved music we could be making, I don't think it's about that. I wouldn't want people to be listening for our technique, I'd rather people rolled around on the floor and shouted and sang and laughed and growled.

Releases: We try our best to release ourselves upon others.

>>>Ithaca Underground presents Marnie Stern, Summer People, The Dan Drake Ensemble, and BEES/// this coming Monday, October 4th at The Haunt.  6PM Doors, $10 adv/$12 dos, all ages!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, and anti-fascist. A great code of ethics for any punk band to be founded on, but add a well-balanced amalgamation of punk, crust, metal, and ska plus male and female vocals, razor sharp lyrics depicting said leftist ideals, and have ex/current members of Choking Victim, The Degenerics, Leftover Crack, the Slackers, Nanuchka and Casa de Chihuahua with honorary members from bands like the Bouncing Souls, World/Inferno Friendship Society and the Hold Steady in your ranks... then you'd have to be STAR FUCKING HIPSTERS. With two solid LP's on Fat Wreck and Alternative Tentacles under their belt and a third in the works, SFH are heading out on a two month tour, including their first stop in Ithaca, NY on Thursday, Sept 30th at The Haunt. Founding member Stza (also of LoC and Choking Victim) takes a few moments from the road to speak with Ithaca Underground's Bubba Crumrine.

IU: What do you feel differs about SFH that sets it apart from your other previous bands?

Stza: I am not necessarily the focal point of the band, which has damaged my mental well-being in other bands, although, when I started, I definitely craved attention. But ten one day it becomes too much & there's a lot of pressure when you don't know any healthy ways to escape.

IU: What have you all been up to since "Never Rest In Peace" was released last year?

Stza: We've been touring and touring. And now we're finally working on material for a 3rd record due out next year...

IU: How far along in the writing process are you?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Summer videos!

Well, summer is official over but fear not! You can relive some of the amazing IU shows that went down over the last days of summer right here...

Huge thanks to Christian DeBrigard for the fantastic video.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ithaca Underground's Bubba Crumrine caught up with guitarist/vocalist Andrew Fidler of Savanah, Georgia's Black Tusk the day of their thunderous performance at The Haunt last Sunday.

IU: How did the rest of the Black Cobra/Black Tusk tour go last year after the Ithaca show?

Andrew: That was an amazing tour! Being on the road with Black Cobra was easy and the shows were great.  Those are some of our best friends.

IU: You guys have been pretty busy since we saw you last November - signing to relapse, new album, sick tours - tell us about what you've been up to an how it all came together? 

Andrew: That's pretty much it.  We dropped that record in May, toured with Pentagram and Zoroaster.  Just been incredibly busy.  I think we were actually at home for a month this summer.  We have a booking agent, so that is very helpful to keep us on the road.  Hopefully we get some downtime this winter to write a new album and we hope to solidify a European tour for the beginning of next year.

IU: Have the crowds been different since you signed to Relapse?

Andrew: Sure.  As more people find out about us, more people are going to show up for the shows.  

IU: How do you feel about your new album "Taste The Sin" being able to look back at it after a few months?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet The Band: Acipenser

Band Name: Acipenser

Parishville, NY

Formed: 2007

Justin- Guitar/Vocals
Jimmy- Drums/Vocals
Ed- Bass/Vocals

Band History:
We started the band in 2007 with Mike Mcpherson, but more or less due to all of our lives going in different directions, we had to put the band on hold for about a year. Once we had everything back in place, we regrouped and Mike had decided to stay in Martha's Vineyard. We played together as a 3 piece for about a solid year and then added a 2nd guitar player by the name of Mike Murphy, he was in the band for roughly 3 months and we wrote the song "The Black Queen" with him, he decided to leave the band after the cd was recorded, our original plan was to have Mike Murphy helping with the bulk of the vocals.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet The Band: Oak & Bone

Band Name: Oak & Bone

Location: Syracuse, NY

Formed: late 2007

Members: Drew, Ted, Sorbet, Weston

Releases: s/t 7" EP on Hex Records, split 7" EP w/ Like Wolves on Barbarossa Records

Tell us about yourselves!
By nature, we're a hardcore band blended with the many genres we take influence from; something from everything. We are designed to shred as much as possible. We have almost no restrictions, limitations, or inhibitions. However, our current goals are among the typical: continue writing, playing, touring and recording as much as we can. The stars are currently aligning so that we may venture forth on an East Coast/Midwest tour this fall. Upon our return we will spend further time writing and planning for a full length record to be released by Hex sometime next year. Stay tuned.

Check out Oak & Bone with Black Tusk (Relapse Records), Iwo Jima Medkit, and Acipenser at The Haunt, Sunday, Sept 5th. Doors at 5 - show starts at 6PM. $10 at the door.