Thursday, September 29, 2011

Upcoming Show: THOU 10/3

In case you haven't heard yet, Ithaca Underground is bringing Baton Rouge's sludge riders THOU on Monday, October 3rd with locals Sun Spells and Lux Carentes at The Space @ GreenStar. Way cool, right?  What can you do in the meantime?  Well, NPR was awesome enough to snag some live audio from their set at the epic event w/ pg. 99 and Circle Takes The Square.  If we hadn't been many, many states away we would have absolutely been there. Need more?  Ok, fine.  Go download their ENTIRE DISCOGRAPHY.  They put it up for free so you don't have to get frustrated with the thousands of results for THOU via your P2P or torrent searches. It's that a nice bunch of ear-annihilating metal heads? 

So, go shirk responsibilities and be there at 700 W Buffalo St, Ithaca, NY 14850 (near Corks n' More, down the alley between Joe's Delivery and Enterprise - or just take the entrance off N. Fulton/RT 13... you can easily see it and all the glorious parking from the street that way).  8PM.  Just $5

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hey, it's not and Ithaca Underground gig but that doesn't mean it's not worth checking out. If you're into the noisier side of pop and haven't heard of Deerhoof, I'll let you go back to your rock.

8PM Doors folks... Details here.

So, you've probably heard SIRS are returning to Ithaca for BIG DAY IN #5 but, have you heard their releasing a tight with run, WALK! from the UK?  No joke. It's a collaboration from the very legit Topshelf Records and the equally legit, Holy Roar Records.  The 7"/CD drops next month...

Check out some of our friends making some sweet tracks. 

With latest, a killer 12" Split with HotChaCha is set to drop Oct 8th/9th, CNY favorites, Summer People are looking to issue more wax and put something a bit different in their tank to keep them on the road.

They're aiming to convert their tour van to Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) Help the troop get their second full length, Teamwork pressed to vinyl.  What's in it for you? A slew of awesome, limited (some only to this kickstarter) releases, swag, and knowing you're helping local musicians take their art to the next level.

Check out the official info here:

How about some NEWS?

Greetings from the underground! So, as many of you have seen, FREE! evolved out of the interviews/articles we used to issue through the print version of the zine from late '08 to early '10.  Since then, we covered relatively the same format, just online instead of print. Within the last few months, we've been posting videos from the IU YouTube Channel here. We're thinking about posting brief passages with news relevant to Ithaca & regional music we support. Sound cool? Feel free to give us your feedback.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Drumroll please...

Go check out the latest edition of - v3.0 right here! Sing up for our eNews, updated forums, calendar, booking request form, and more. Lots more to come too! We wanted to get the basics out of the gate as soon as possible but we're looking to take this above and beyond the last one.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thanks to everyone who came out! Long night with lots of great sets - 3 of which from bands who this was their first show aligned w/ IU (These Machines especially blew our minds) - PLUS new material from Hiroshima Vacation. Check 'em all.

Hiroshima Vacation

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

After some slooooooow tube movement and silly, non-functioning router action - here's some footage from Monday night's show! Great sets by all including Daniel Francis Doyle's first Ithaca performance as a trio (featuring a fellow former When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth member behind the kit), an intimate, semi-acoustic special performance from Kites In Space, new and re-worked material from Kaboosh!, and another solid ultra-drone set from Sun Spells - the whole 20+ min clip this time!

Daniel Francis Doyle (trio) 'There Are Two of You'

Monday, September 12, 2011

Live cuts from Friday night at The Space! Last Night Owls show ever in central NY.  Hope you were there!  Use the "Click here to read the full article!" link for all the vids.  Loving the new Rejouissance material btw...

Night Owls

Band name/location: We are Praetura, from Brooklyn NY.

Members: J stallings on drums and M.Paradis on guitar.

Formed: We've been playing together since I (Morgan) moved to Brooklyn in 2008, but we've been gathering a bit of steam since early 2011.

Releases: In January 2011 we recorded 7 songs with Colin Marston at the Caves of Menegroth that we recently self-released as a CD. Expect more to come!

Tell us about yourselves!
I like to think that Praetura is a mix of all the musical things that both of us hold dear: careful songwriting, attention to detail, maybe a nod to subtlety; but still maintains that chaotic feeling, where you think maybe the song is just going to fall apart when you listen to it. What the fuck are these people doing? But you find it strangely compelling...

As far as influences, I can tell you what we have on pretty much constant rotation. We are both old punkers, so, we still like to listen to Subhumans and MDC and relive our glory days. Old school American and Swedish death metal, grind, hardcore, jazz, all kinds of instrumental music.

Looking forward to playing in Ithaca for the first time on the 16th, and we're playing in Brooklyn on October 9th at Acheron with Canadian grinders Wake!

Don't miss Praetura live with Hiroshima Vacation, These Machines, and Among Dead Men at the Community School of Music & Art, 3rd Floor Auditorium, 330 E State / MLK Jr St, Ithaca, NY 14850 - 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sorry for the delay on this one folks! Thanks to everyone who pulled themselves out on a Monday night for a really diverse show.  Zorch completely blew everyone's minds (and ears and eyes) with that special thing they do. Daffodil turn heads with think, bluesy garage rock that had everyone asking where they were from and why we hadn't had them up before - just took a few years to sync up! Ha. The newish due of Laika + Luddite Machine laid down some killer beats with well-interwoven guitars and young dudes Cheerleader Death Squad made their IU debut. So, look for more from them.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Monday, Sept 12th, Daniel Francis Doyle will return to Ithaca for his fourth Ithaca Underground show - his first since April '10.  Since then, there's been some interesting activity in the DFD camp. We were able to catch up with Daniel while on the road for a very quick bit of Q&A...

IU: How have you been since we last saw you in Ithaca?

DFD: I've been alright. Workin' on new music and such.

IU: How was last fall's tour? I heard you got to experience our friends at Bazooka / Bazooka back in Oct while the core of the IU camp was driving out to Minnesota.

DFD: Yeah, the show in Binghampton was great! Really great bunch of people there.

IU: What's the skinny on your newest single/EP "There Are Two of You"?

DFD: Well, it's actually not  really new anymore, it came out last October. But, yeah, my website still has it listed as "new". Sorry for the confusion. It's a 2 song 7", "There Are Two of You" b/w "Sharing Stories". SOUNGS, a label out of Brooklyn, released it. They are just about to release a new comp that I'll be on, too. I actually have a new 10" just about to be released on Monofonus Press. They might mail it to me in Ithaca -- so my upcoming visit with ya'll might be the 1st show I'll play with the new release!

IU: I've also heard you've been collaborating with some pals from Austin and may have a split coming as well?

DFD: Yeah, I'm touring with a full band this time around and playing mostly new songs. The split is that Monofonus release I talked about above. It's with Austin's Dikes of Holland!

IU: What else will 2011 (and 2012 if you can speak to it) hold for DFD?

DFD: Recording an album with the band and hopefully more touring!!!

IU: Stoked to play your third different space in Ithaca in 4 gigs?

DFD: Yes! I love coming to Ithaca, and I am grateful you keep having me back!!

IU: Any words for your fans here in CNY and to those coming out on 9/12?

DFD: Oh....woah. Hhhmmmm. I guess that i hope they have a good time at the show, and to feel free to "cut a rug" at the show! You know, dancin!

Don't miss Daniel, on tour from Austin, TX live on Monday, Sept 12th with Kites In Space, Kaboosh!, Sun Spells at The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St, Ithaca, NY 14850 - 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES

Band Name: Nelsonvillains

Location: New Paltz, NY

Formed:  2010

Cody “Bones” Torlincasi, Jake Harms, Scott Nicholas, Alijah Molinari

Releases: Sounds Of Summer Single – May 21st, 2011

History: Cody and Jake met each other drinking whiskey in a parking lot during the past Spring. The whiskey was cheap, but the laughs weren't. Jake was playing in a trio incarnartion of Nelsonvillains with Alijah, whom he’d met through a Craiglist ad. He and Cody decided to begin working in more elaborate instrumentation to the band after discovering they shared many musical influences.

The band’s first single was released in May shortly after its first bass player quit, and new bassist/producer, Scott, joined.

Future: We’ve spent the past summer working on our first full-length, producing feverishly in our basement/practice space, and have recently been signed by our friend’s brand new label, Salvation Recording Company, which hosts meetings for Route 32 Presents… a community collective that puts on DIY basement shows, and works with some venues to kill the local jam band scene. Following the release of this album, which is as of yet unnamed, we’re going to start relentlessly touring everywhere and anywhere possible – so far there are two tours planned with fellow labelmate, Wind-Up Bird (whom our bassist Scott, heads), that span the east coast, midwest and south. Basically, we just want to play as much as possible in the coming months after the release of our first album, and try to release something else by next summer, and just keep doing this as long as no one becomes too homeless or infirm.

Our upcoming shows are a Route 32 Presents… on Sept. 10th, at Bacchus, with PORCHES, Year On A Mountain, Underground River and a warehouse show in Brooklyn hosted by a city-blog called Dingus On Music, sponsored by the MEME Collective.

We like to make asses move and throats hoarse, and maybe brains work a little bit in retrospect…… it’s thinker music for people who like to yell a lot.

Don't miss Nellsonvillian's Ithaca debut this Friday, September 9th with Night Owls - their last show in Ithaca ever, Rejouissance, Why The Wires, and Mike (A)! and The Exploders at The Space, 700 W Buffalo St, Ithaca, NY 14850 - 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES

Band Name: These Machines

Location: Binghamton NY

Formed: December 2008

Sound: Heavy and chaotic tech/death metal meets Neurosis and Today is the Day

Tom Doud::Guitar/Vocals (2010-present)
Paul Ghilardi: Bass/Vocals (2008-present)
Mike Emm Drums/Vocals (2009-present)

Past members: Derek Lindow, Rick Barto, Brandon O'neal, Dustin Schoelier

Releases: Month (Jan 2009), Pharmakon (September 2011)

About The Band: We basicly take the chaos and brutality of technical death metal, combine it with super heavy sludge metal riffs, and then add some Melvins/Today is the Day influenced weirdness to keep it interesting for ourselves.

Mike Emm is an absolute beast of a drummer, an experienced Marijuana Connoisseur and blast machine. I don't even know how he comes up with half the drum parts he does. He keeps the tradition of tough dude Binghamton extreme metal drummers alive and well, with his large biceps and a devestating right hook.

Paul Ghilardi is simply one of the smartest dudes I know. He's super creative and listens to a huge variety of music. He writes a lot of the songs and riffs. Totally inspiring musician to play with. He also has a sexy beard. Something that I can not grow even at the age of 28. So, Paul is also more of a man than I am.

As for me, I rip off Steve Austin of Today is The Day pretty badly.

The New Record: Pharmakon is completely finished and is currently being mastered. It was recorded by Kyle Serlington (Bass player for The Dirty Slits) so it obviously has a huge meaty sound. It's a loose concept record but we won't bore you with explaining it. We're just happy with it as a band and hope that some of you enjoy it as much as we do.

Band Influences: We love all kinds of different genres of music and listen to tons of bands, but as far as our sound I hear a lot of: Ed Gein, Today is The Day, death metal (Malavolent Creation, Nile), Mastodon, Converge, Cephalic Carnage.

Lastly, I want to thank all you excellent people in Ithaca for being beyond awesome as usual. We can't wait to make our Ithaca debut Sept 16th!!!