Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fantastic show! Vacation are exactly what pop punk should be in this day and age. Catchy, quick, and creative. They nailed out a great set and even hit us with a Shellshag cover.  Hunted down were a relentless onslaught of sludgy hardcore. Tasty indeed.

Additionally, we're happy to report we've got two solid new punk bands here in Ithaca, each with their own flair. BATISTA absolutely own with a melodic, feedback soaked, noisy punk with washed out vocals. We Are Whaleshark take apply driving, psych influence to their tunes. Check out footage from all of 'em below. More vids after the jump.

Catch BATISTA and the aforementioned Shellshag at BIG DAY IN this December 8th down at The Haunt...

Vacation - Crashing Rockets (Shellshag Cover)

If you'd like to see this clip from a different angle, click here

Hunted Down


We Are Whaleshark - Pig Pen

Monday, September 10, 2012

Ithaca Underground Fall Shows Preview:

Hey kids, it's fall preview time! That time where we let you in on all the secrets we've been working for the last several months - bands from across the country (Brooklyn to L.A. and Oakland), across the world (German, UK, Australia), and covering a broad spectrum of genres from punk to jazz, sludge metal to indie hip-hop, and everything in between. We have a hell of a season of diverse shows queued up, so let's start right in. (Lots more after the jump)

Tuesday, September 19th: 
Why?, doesone, Serengeti, DJ Thanksgiving Brown 
@ The Haunt, 702 Willow Ave, Ithaca - 6PM Doors $12 ADV (Tickets)

We couldn't really be more stoked to kick the fall season off in such glorious fashion. We're incredibly please to have partnered up with Dan Smalls Presents to bring you an indie hip-hop / Anticon. Records takeover featuring Why?, doseone, and Serengeti plus DJ Thanksgiving Brown spinning to kick things off.

This stacked bill features two of arguably the best lyracists/MC's in indie hip-hop - Jonathan "Yoni" Wolf of WHY? and Adam Drucker a.k.a. doseone. The two have been clollaborating for decades and co-founded the lauded Anticon. imprint.

Where "Yoni" paints pictures with words of the lush backdrops of indie-pop and folk licks and hip-hop beats, doseone has been delivering a high-pitched lyrical assault of rapid-fire and polyrhythmic tongues twisting tales of the future and tearing down the rules of hip-hop across a multitude of projects. His solo material continues to show his prowess as a musician, expanding his pallet ever more in the psych-pop direction.

Why? have built themselves a massive cult and indie following since their breakout "Alopecia" and doseone, in addition to his solo work, has been ever prolific with such projects as Subtle, cLOUDDEAD, Themselves, 13&God and many others.

Enough talk. Heads better be at this one. Check these:

Let's have a listen to one of my personal favorites from doseone's Themselves too..

Ah... still fresh. Moving on!

Sunday, September 16th: 
Vacation, Hunted Down, Batista, We Are Whaleshark 
@ The Space at GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St., Ithaca - 8PM $5
Nothing like a good ol' hardcore/punk show... with an IU twist of course. 

Headliners VACATION hail from Cincinnati and churn out a blasting wall of noisy, poppy punk. They have two new 7"s and a cassette on this tour in addition to the full length streaming above which hit just a year ago.

HUNTED DOWN rep the Syracuse hardcore scene, with a whirlwind of blown & fuzzed out jams. Completely furious and always on the brink of collapsing in on itself. They have a split with Herpes coming later this fall. In the meantime check out these tracks from their "Life's Womb" EP:

Rounding out the show are two new Ithaca bands with familiar faces. Phil Price (known for his killer DIY show booking a few years back in Binghamton & Ithaca), Derek Manoco (ex-A Satellite Crash), and John Barrington are kicking it in a new punk band called BATISTA and Mike Amadeo (Mike A!, Dweeb, etc) rounded up some local musicians, including his pal Tyler Rodkey, to push out some short & sweet, dissonant & trippy punk under the moniker of WE ARE WHALESHARK. Lucky for us, they just dropped a "shitty demo" for our waiting ears.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

More live footage from BIG DAY IN #6 - 5/5/12. Thanks to Lanny Huang for that. Crushing jams from NY's Colony, tech-funk-metal weirdness of Zruda from Atlanta, and the chaotic hardcore from VA's Reckoner. Relive it now. Check out footage from Argonauts and Meek is Murder right here.




Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back on May 5th, 2012 Ithaca Underground held BIG DAY IN #6.  After some delay, we're very happy to bring you more footage!  Check out more live video from past BDI events right here and be sure and keep an eye on our YouTube channel for more new vids on a weekly/monthly basis.

Argonauts and Meek Is Murder below. More to come soon...