Wednesday, April 24, 2013

BIG DAY IN #8 Preview

We're less than two weeks away from Ithaca Underground's biannual day-fest celebration of DIY music - BIG DAY IN.  This will be #8 and the fourth occurrence of the May edition.

Let's check out set times first, then we'll dive into music and video... 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Keep your mind-altering weekend going this Sunday as we a technically and creatively diverse line-up to The Haunt - 6PM | $7 | All Ages

Meek is Murder returns to Ithaca to headline with their technically brutal, metallic hardcore and mathematical cacophony.

Lazer/Wulf join us for the first time from Georgia - though their inner Zruda and ex-Gaylord bandmates are no new-commers to The Haunt stage. It's thrash, it's indie rock, it's jazz fusion, crust punk, and doom sludge and funk in 7/8... and just plain good music.

Georgia brethrens MANRAY also will hit Ithaca for this first time on Sunday. Imagine a beautiful exhale of math-rock, punk, hardcore, and metal into one seamless breath and you're getting there.

Locals BRIAN! will kick things off at 6:30PM with their CD release of their first album as a trio. Tracks are streaming now:

Don't miss out... 3 touring bands and a local release show in one for just $7.

The Haunt, 702 Willow Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850 - Sunday, April 21st 6PM 

Ithaca’s premier record store, Angry Mom Records, will celebrate the 6th international Record Store Day this Saturday, April 20th, opening doors at 10AM.

The all-day event features free in-store live music by ten prominent local bands, plus the release of hundreds of limited-edition vinyl records specially pressed for Record Store Day available only at independent record stores.

Admission is free. Here's what the live music line-up looks like for this year:

12:30 pm Flaming Lips listening
01:20 pm BATISTA
02:00 pm Big Mean Sound Machine
02:40 pm Underground River
03:20 pm Tzar
04:00 pm Summer People
04:40 pm Soft Healer
05:20 pm Go Ogres
06:00 pm Lofts
06:40 pm King Sized Pegasus
07:20 pm Sun Spells

115 The Commons (W. State St./MLK Jr. Blvd.), downtown Ithaca, NY
In the basement of the Autumn Leaves bookstore

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

New BRIAN! streaming now!

Local bassoon-driven prog trio BRIAN! have given us the first peak at their upcoming album, which hits this Sunday, April 21st at The Haunt. Check out "It's..." now:

BRIAN! features David Resig on amplified bassoon, Willie B. (Tzar, Johnny Dowd) on drums & percussion, and Bubba Crumrine (Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, Hiroshima Vacation) on guitar, bass, electronics and voice.

The band was founded as a duo of Resig and Crumrine in 2009 and continued as such until early 2012 when Willie B. was brought in on drums.  The trio are pull a strong influence from prog and and the Rock-In-Opposition movement, but also pull from math-rock, 20th century composition, ambient and noise, avant-garde, and heavy rock. Their upcoming 5 track, 37 minute release marks their first recorded material as a three-piece.

Sunday, April 21st @ The Haunt: Meek Is Murder (NY), Lazer/Wulf (GA), Manray (GA), with BRIAN! kicking it off at 6:30PM.  Doors at 6PM | $7 | All Ages

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One of 2012's most awe-inspiring events returns to CSMA with the ever-growing NAKED NOISE improv drone ensemble on Friday, April 4th at 9PM.

Join us once again as we transform the CSMA Auditorium into an ethereal sound garden, with a massive 22 musician, amplified ensemble of ritual drone with visuals.

This is far more than just a show - more of a total transcendental sound experience. The performers will be set up in a ring, where the audience is encouraged to wander around the circle of musicians and experience the performance from a variety of angles. The sound will stretch and mutate based on which performers you're closest to.

The performance will be entirely improvised with each musician dedicated to the ebb and flow of chaos and restraint.

NAKED NOISE will once again be curated by Sun Spells (Jeff, Heather, Judd, Aydin, and Owen) and include members of TZAR (Brian Wilson, Michael Stark), LOFTS (Bruce Hyde), Time/Being (John & Mario), Soft Healer (Will & Marie), Hiroshima Vacation (VII Caso), BRIAN! (Bubba), The Invisible Hand (Devin Conathan), You, Me, and the Radio (Katie McShane, Damien Scalise, Luara Karlson-Carp), The Sutras (AJ Strauss), Electric Golem (Trevor Pinch), plus Matthew Saccuccimorano (Black Castle, Sound Awake, etc.), and Michael Troutman, with visuals by Nils Hoover (Newman Brothers).

Friday, April 5th
Community School of Music & Art
3rd Floor Auditorium, 330 E State / MLK Jr St., Ithaca, NY 14850
9PM | All AGES | $5

Who's doing what? View below...