Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Meet The Band: Arvid Noe

Band Name: Arvid Noe

Location: Straight out of Allston, MA

Formed: 2010

Members:  Alek & Luke on guitar, Zach on drums...we all sing.

Releases:  We have fairly outdated recordings on our bandcamp at: http://arvidnoe.bandcamp.com/

BUT -Hopefully, by the time you read this, we will have two new rough mixes of the recordings we've been working on to have for this tour.  They are exciting.

What else? Anything we can say Jimmy Page and William Burroughs did better: http://www.arthurmag.com/2007/12/05/willima-burroughs-onled-zeppelin/

Don't miss Arvid Noe live at The Space @ GreenStar on Thursday, March 26th with The Yeomen and StageFright.  8PM $5 ALL AGES. 700 W Buffalo St, Ithaca, NY 14850.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Check out some live video from a couple recent shows!  Cloud Rat... completely destroyed. WOW.

Also, worth noting, Ithaca Underground is always looking for bands in extreme/underground genres (especially) who hold empowered women within their ranks. If that sounds like you/your band, get in touch with IU via the website.




King Sized Pegasus

King Sized Pegasus

Meet The Band: StageFright

Band Name: StageFright

Location: Long Island, NY.

Formed: Summer 2010.

Members: J, Keri, Pete, TonyA.

Releases: Act I:

Tell us about yourselves!
J: Pete and I talked about starting a fast punk band at an Energy show in Autumn 2009, but it would be nearly a year until it finally happened, and almost two years until we played a show. My biggest influences are AFI, The Nerve Agents, Ceremony, and Some Girls. I am planning on getting our demo pressed on cassette, but no one else knows about that. My dream is for us to open at an Insanity Defense reunion show. It’s all about the wordplay.

Pete: Ever since high school, I wanted to start a “fast, but weird” punk band. I didn’t find the right people to do it with until after I graduated college.I got a group of my friends together, and everything clicked.  J, Keri, and Tony are all insanely talented and the nicest people. I’m so lucky that I get to be in a band with them! The music I contribute in this band is probably most influenced by Fugazi, AFI, Public Enemy, At The Drive-In, Minor Threat, Refused, and Rites of Spring. I personally have no ambition for this band being successful, I just love creating music and playing shows with my friends. But I guess the “purpose” of the band (as me and J see it, at least) is to make punk that’s different from what’s going on in the Long Island scene, particularly the hardcore scene. There’s a lot of generic tough-guy hardcore out there that is made primarily for the “shirtless muscular dudes in gym shorts” demographic. I don’t think a lot of bands are trying hard enough to create something new. I don’t know if we’re really successful at doing that or not, but that’s kind of our goal. Plans are: put out another EP by the end of the year, play plenty of shows, have fun, try hard, but don’t take it too seriously. (Sorry for rambling on so much.)

TonyA: I have been playing drums since the 3rd grade, and I never turned back. Being an avid member of the local Cornell University Drumline, it is no wonder that I stress keeping time so strictly when I play with StageFright too. Punk, in particular StageFright, has really pushed my limits. The Long Island punk scene is a unique, ever-evolving scene that I have been a part of since 2005 in some shape or form (when not busy with Ithacation, of course). Each band has been a rewarding experience, but StageFright has brought me to new heights I never thought possible. Thanks to Pete, J, and Keri for having so much confidence in my playing. You guys make the rush of playing feel that much more sweet. (Ramble on!)

Keri: I started playing bass shortly before joining StageFright. I played guitar in a previous band with Pete and am very happy to be playing with him again, as well as J and Anthony. I have a lot of fun playing in this band. I hope we can play out more in the future and am looking forward to recording our next EP.

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Bubba for doing giving us our first show outside Long Island, and for letting us do this little bio thing!

Don't miss StageFright live at The Space @ GreenStar on Thursday, March 29th with Boston's Arvid Noe and The Yeomen (members of Kin Ship and Zgress) - 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES | 700 W Buffalo St., Ithaca, NY 14850

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet The Band: The Yeomen

Band Name: The Yeomen

Location: Ithaca, NY

Formed: Febuary 2011

Devin Castaldi-Micca (guitar, vocals, organ, other stuff)
Dylan Henderson (lead guitar)
James Jordan (guitar, noise, percussion)
Julian Ciany (drums, vocals)
Pat Gaughan (bass)

Releases: Nothin' formal yet, but we have some rough demos and live cuts on our Bandcamp:

Tell us about yourselves!
Hey, this is Devin from the Yeomen. We formed last winter as a Tom Waits cover band. We learned a song or two of his but moved pretty quickly over to my originals. Many of our songs started as my bedroom recordings, but the full band has helped bring these songs from whispered and restrained bedroom folk to sweaty loud rock songs. We pride ourselves on our genre jumping, playing everything from folk-punk to garage, shoegaze, noise, punk, stoner metal and whatever the hell else we have a good time playing. We got off the ground playing in a friend’s garage, often in the freezing cold, the brutal heat, and generally at the ire of the neighbors (and once while a skinned raccoon was being bled onto a piece of cardboard). The other guys in the band are involved with other groups or solo projects, Julian and Pat both play in local mainstays Zgress (http://www.zgress.com/) and Kin Ship (http://kinship.bandcamp.com/).  Julian also plays in a band back home in Providence RI (http://www.myspace.com/vejaduri). Dylan and James are involved in a local trip-hop project and James also creates noise compositions. Dylan is also involved with a noise rock group out of Brooklyn.

Don't miss The Yeomen live, kicking things off at The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St  with Arvid Noe (Boston) and StageFright (Ithaca /  Long Island) - 8PM $5 All Ages

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In case you missed our fundraiser show back in February, here's some fantastic, multi-angle footage courtesy of Lanny Huang (who also recently did the Ithaca Is Underground documentary). Footage from The Gunpoets set will be released soon!

 Footage by Lanny Huang and Chris Knight

Big thanks to Lanny Huang for his this documentary short on Ithaca Underground!

Official info:

Filmed over the course of February 2012, 'Ithaca is Underground' covers the goals and ethics of Ithaca Underground, a DIY music promoter that focuses on bringing unique and independent acts to the stage. Run for several years by Bubba Crumrine, Ithaca Underground has recently applied to be come a 501c3 non-profit organization, giving it the opportunity to expand as an organization and be sustainable for the future.

Find out more at:

Shot and Edited by Lanny Huang.
Thanks to all who participated
Thanks to all who mentored
Thanks to all who patiently watched as I forced them to give me feedback. This is my first movie and your input really helped guide me not just for this production, but for the ones that are soon to follow.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet The Band: Cloud Rat

Band Name: Cloud Rat. Madison's father once told her that seagulls were rats in the clouds. So that's where that came from, not the actual cloud rat native to the Philippines.

Location: We are all natives from the Mount Pleasant area of Michigan, but Madison now lives in Detroit.

Formed: December 2009

Members: Adrian - Drums. Madison - Vocals. Rorik - Guitar

Releases: So far - Self Titled LP (June 2010), Split Cassette w/ Xtra Vomit (October 2010, soon to be on LP in April '12), 3-Way Split LP w/ The Oily Menace and Wolbachia (September 2011), Split 7" w/ Autarkeia (December 2011), as well as two digital/mp3 releases on Grindcore Karaoke (Self Titled LP and Fever Dreams, which collects all of the other currently released material).

Tell us about yourselves!
Cloud Rat formed in the cold winter of 2009. Adrian and I had been friends for a long time, and have played in bands together years before. Adrian and Madison have known each other for years as well, and were living together when we formed as a band. I went to a show at their house, and I could hear Madison screaming over the band! So that night we all talked about starting a band so that we could contribute a track to our friend Kevin's Michigan Grindcore compilation he was putting together (which never happened). After forming, we wrote and recorded our Self Titled LP within a month, and then it was put out 5 months later by our friends at IFB Records in Florida. We are forever grateful to them for everything they have done for us.

I would describe our sound as grindcore rooted in punk, with a lot of hardcore punk, black metal, screamo, and grunge influences creeping in. We do our best to promote veganism, radical feminism, anti racism/sexism/homophobia/classism/bullshit. The purpose of this band is a mixture of personal catharsis, promoting kindness and equality, and to have fun as well.

We have toured most of the USA and have plans to do a lot more within the next couple years. Currently we are recording for three different records and are looking to head overseas soon-ish.
We look forward to coming to Ithaca!!!!!!

-Rorik / Cloud Rat

Don't miss Cloud Rat live, this Thursday at Silent City Distro - located on The Commons, above Autumn Leaves Books at 115 MLK Jr / State St, Ithaca, NY 14850.  8PM $5 ALL AGES with locals Hiroshima Vacation and King Sized Pegasus. 

Monday, March 12, 2012


Band Name: Bangladeafy! It's a portmanteau of the words Bangladeshi and Deaf. Atif Haq is of Bangladeshi descent and I (Jonny Germ) am hearing disabled (deaf is an exaggeration).

Location: We are located in the NYC/LI area and travel 50 miles to one another for rehearsal but, we make it work and send each other ideas through the internet to keep things fresh.

Formed: After numerous failed bands ranging from folk to klezmer to mathy nintendo influenced prog, Atif and I sticking together through them all, we started yet another band in hopes of acquiring a trumpet player and a keyboard player as we played out. Due to our ability to swallow up any remaining audio space for another musician, we decided to stay as a duo.

Members: Atif Haq - drums/handsome, Jonny Germ - bass/keys/vox

Releases: We have self-released one album titled "This Is Your Brain on Bugs" thus far, the theme of that one documents our start in Brooklyn which also spawned at the same time as the bedbug epidemic. We have been on numerous compilations on Riotous Outburst records. We are aiming our next release for the fall. The working theme at the moment is two allegorical cure-all medicine/elixir traveling salesmen obviously representing us and our current expansion and touring in North America. The fantastical idea is that we actually have a  working cure (awesome music) and the privatized pharmaceutical industry (modern music industry) is trying to stop us from being successful. It's playful but hopefully, thought provoking.

Lately we have appealed to the modern prog metal crowd (i stress the word "modern" because the 90's dream theater-esque sound is quite cheesy) and it's been working for us on account of our techniques and speed. I think it has something to do with inventive musicians such as Animals As Leaders and The Mars Volta currently dominating the demographic at the moment. Atif utilizes a variety of world rhythms (African and Latin beats) but, cranks up the tempo for them resulting in something we've agreed to be "world/thrash" music. I fill in most empty spaces with polyharmonic bass tapping so, until we get that trumpet or keyboard player we've dreamed of, I will be what most laid back hippies or cynics call an "overplayer". My vocal influences are jello Biafra, Refused, Beastie Boys, Trent Reznor and Mike Patton.

We come from different musical backgrounds but, agree on a lot of the same shit such as: Squarepusher, Zach Hill, Marnie Stern, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Meshuggah and so forth.

I am currently writing music with the drummer of A Fucking Elephant and one guitar player from East Of The Wall. The working title is Hush Money. It's yet another band that I have to travel miles by train to play with, but totally worth it. There are numerous projects and possible splits that I might appear on with reputed musicians in the near future....

Don't miss BANGLADEAFY! live with , So is the Tongue, BRIAN!, and Graupel 

The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St., Ithaca, NY 14850 | 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES

Band Name: So is the Tongue

Location: Central New Jersey

Formed: Fall 2005

Current Members: Ron Varod - Guitar, Vocals (Kayo Dot), Greg Meisenberg - Bass, Vocals (A.F. Elephant), Dan Romans - Drums (the DRX)

Releases: "Torpid & Blight" (2009, Sound Devastation Records UK) "a Child of Divorce" (2012, Nefarious Industries)

Band History: We formed in the fall of 2005, played our first show with Kayo Dot, Behold...the Arctopus and Bloody Panda in January 2006 at the old Knitting Factory. Up until now we haven't done much touring yet alone playing outside the tri-state area.

Band Future: We just released our new record "a Child of Divorce" and are planing on more extensive touring in the US and hopefully Europe at some point. There's some song ideas brewing for the next release as well. We're stoked to finally play Ithaca!

Check out the video above from our album release show at the Lit Lounge in NYC in January, attended by Bj√∂rk and Matthew Barney.  No really I'm not kidding...

Don't miss So is the Tongue live with BANGLADEAFY!, BRIAN!, and Graupel 

The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St., Ithaca, NY 14850 | 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out to the space on a Monday night!!  Re-solidified my love for Rosetta as one of the most powerful live bands we bring through.  Great sets from Restorations and locals Phorke and Crown of Oak too.  Stoked we finally got a chance to witness Restorations. Footage below! Apologies for only one Restorations video... FLIP spazzed out and lost it.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey all! Here's footage from bands we met over the weekend + Monday.   Our new Brooklyn pals Living Room who performed on Monday up at Risley Hall on Cornell Campus, footage from one-man-crazy-pants Globsters (KY) and the new Syracuse trio Dirty Humans pulled from Sunday night's gig at Badlands, and some nice dark footage from Xerxes set on Friday's IU / Odyssey event - far better footage from that should be in our hands soon.

Living Room

Living Room

Dirty Humans