Monday, April 30, 2012

Band Name: Argonauts

Location: Keyport, NJ and Richmond VA

Formed: Recently

Members: Dave Witte, Brett Bamberger, John Adubato, Chris Alfano

Releases: Soon...

Tell us about yourselves! 
Argonauts was formed when Dave and John, who both used to play in Burnt By The Sun, decided to get back together and start writing music again. Brett got involved shortly afterwards and Chris joined the band in late 2011, after original vocalist Dimitri Minikakis left to the group. We're all about great beer, great food, great music, great friends, and great times. We haven't released any music yet, but a demo should be online very soon, and we're hoping to record a full-length record in the near future.

Check out the first preview of Argonauts material here and don't miss their headlining set at BIG DAY IN #6, this Saturday, May 5th at The Haunt, 702 Willow Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850. 12 bands (including Meek is Murder, Burn Everything, Zruda and more), 10+ hours starting at 12 noon. $5 - all ages. 

Photo by Diana Lynn Ring

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Band Name: Ebony Sorrow

Location: Syracuse, NY

Formed: 2000, then in 2004 we were forced to go on hiatus when some asshole broke into our practice spaceand stole almost all of our equipment.  In 2009 we got back together and have been pushing the envelope forward ever since.

Members: John Bukowski, Ron Seoane, Jay Bailey, Matt Calabrese

Releases: 2001 Demo (long out of print), "The Arrival" EP (long out of print), "Narcotic Funeral" demo, "A Grimoire Of Depravity" EP (Dullest Records)

Tell us about yourselves!
We play a hybrid of black metal, gurgle blast, and punk rock. Lyrically, we take a stand not against a deity, but the assholes who claim to represent them. Taking a stand against racism, homophobia and other forms of hatred (most of which root back to religious beliefs).

Matt Calabrese, drums, also plays in a progressive sludge band called AIIA.

Jay Bailey has a million projects. He plays guitar for Architect, How To Disappear Completely, and his solo project Nothing. He also runs WAAV studios here in Syracuse.

John stresses himself out on a daily basis promoting shows and paying a mortgage on a minimum wage job.

Ron is the messiah and knows the answer to everything in life.

Catch Ebony Sorrow live at BIG DAY IN on Saturday, May 5 with Argonauts, Meek is Murder, Colony, Zruda, Reckoner, Burn Everything, and  many more.  12 bands from noon til 10PM. $5 ALL AGES at The Haunt. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Get ready for probably the best heavy tour we've brought through Ithaca thus far! We really could not be more stoked on this show and highly recommend you all join us for a Monday night hang. Vids from the bands below.

The Haunt, 702 Willow Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850. All ages. Doors at 7PM. $10 through Sunday night here or $14 at the door day of.

We're a bit backed up with all the amazing live footage our pal Lanny has been taking, but here's the first three hot out of the oven!  Mylets doing a sick Battles cover, Bangladeafy! ripping it, and Math The Band going wild as always. Check it.



Math The Band

Lots more to come...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thanks to everyone who came out on Sunday. You all looked great and made us very proud.  Most everyone was well behaved, though Johnny could have left the beard at home. Enough inside jokes though. Check out this mind-melter off the new Many Arms release "Beyond Territories" off their self-titled debut on Tzadik.

Apologies for needing to split the final minute into another track. Batteries were nearly dead and if it dies mid-record, the 14 mins prior disappear. Better safe. Click read more for part 2 and some acoustic bits from The Invisible Hand.

Many Arms - Beyond Territories pt1

Band Name: Contradictator

Location: Cornell, Ithaca

Formed: March, 2011

Lanny Huang-Lead Vox, guitar
William Blessing-Backing Vox, Bass, Keys
Kyle Walsh - Drums

Releases: Not much to speak of

Tell us about yourselves!
Contradictator formed after Lanny completed the February album writing month challenge in 2011. Inundated with new material, he got together William and Kyle to start playing shows.

Fun fact, none of us like the same music. Kyle's a Phish-head, William has an affinity for some classic rock and Frank Zappa, and Lanny likes all iterations of indie-pop, and Jack White

We do however all like internet sensations Pomplamoose as well as Radiohead.

The band is exactly half asian and half white. Kyle always forgets to bring some piece of his drum set to gigs. Lanny once played a show 2 days after having an appendectomy high on pain killers. William has competed in state-level chorus competitions and sings a wicked falsetto, he cannot, however, do punk rock yelling which Lanny does almost exclusively, hearing them sing together is pretty odd.

We're all incredibly excited to be playing our first IU show with Math the Band! They're really awesome. After that we'll be taking a break for a little while as summer tends to disrupt college bands, and Lanny won't be returning to Cornell next semester. But we do look forward to releasing an EP of sorts for the record.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That's right! After two and a half years in the making, Phily/Queens trio MANY ARMS return to Ithaca, NY this Sunday for an all ages romp with locals Phorke and The Invisible Hand (who will be performing a special semi-acoustic set).

What have the MA three been up to since we last left them? Well, they've been some busy beavers to say the least, releasing "Ocean Of Snakes" and "Missing Time" in 2010.

Towards the end of 2011 the fruits of their touring and recording labors paid off with a thumbs up from John Zorn's Tzadik imprint and subsequent release of their latest, a self-titled effort, which just saw the first light of day in March of this fine year of 2012.  The reviews? It's a scorcher! Check out the 13 minute preview track here.

So, get ready for a solid set of loud, aggressive blend of punk and free jazz, tied together with compositions that twist and turn through angular unison melodies and complex rhythmic vamps. Yeah!

Ithaca Underground presents:
Many Arms (Tzadik : Philadelphia/NYC)
+ Phorke and The Invisible Hand (acoustic)

Sunday, April 8th

Silent City Distro / Tompkins County Workers’ Center
115 E. Martin Luther King Jr. St. / The Commons
Ithaca, NY 14850