Friday, June 29, 2012

Rorschach Records have debuted the first track "Sold on Merit" from why+the+wires' upcoming "All These Dead Astronauts". Check it!


Thanks to everyone who came out and made the first Ithaca Underground stage at McNeil Music as part of this year's Ithaca Festival. Special thanks to everyone at McNeil Music, Bruce from Lofts for running stage & sound, and to our Syracuse pal Matt Jaime for running sound on Day 2 on less than 24hrs notice. Glad to see the community come together and support unique DIY music. Footage below!

Fight A Scary Dog 'Werewolf' (Attic Abasement cover)

The Wallpaper





Doll Eyes

King Sized Pegasus

Thursday, June 21, 2012

That's right! Ithaca's math-rock quartet Mouth To Mouth To Mouth are back at it this summer and have released their latest, "2/LIVE/RMX" on cassette via Angry Mom Records with CD on Pirate House. The album is streaming in its entirety online now and available at Angry Mom Records and all Ithaca Underground and MTMTM shows. 

Email the band if you're interested in picking one up and those scenarios aren't convenient. 

Building off their MTMTM EP debut, "2/LIVE/RMX" offers up two new pieces "That Felt Weird Coming Out Of My Mouth" and "Mouth Parade".  The former is a mostly instrumental track kicking it into high gear right out of the gate with tight kit work and melodic guitar interplay with plenty of stop one a dime tempo and time signature changes. Midway through, the piece breaks, breaths, then kicks into some of the band's heaviest riffage yet recorded in a pitch-bent breakdown. The track finishes out with a huge, post-rock esq climax with guitarist/vocalist Corey Fox Mahaney adding vocal work for added effect.

"Mouth Parade" starts in a bit more subtly with a mix of melodic guitar tapping, ambient effects and rolling bass. Bassist / vocalist Bubba Crumrine chimes in with the first lyric work. The track continues with the bands trade mark tightness, disregard for conventional structure, and full of melodic guitar tapped riffs until the piece makes a quick left turn into full-on math-punk, uptemo syncopation and Corey's blown-out whale until they slam it home with another big riff.

The two new tracks are complimented by a live cut of "Mickey Mouth", the 1st track of their debut, plus remixes of "Consensus on the Fences" by Slug A (Jon of Time/Being) and David Ezra Brown and "That's a LOT of Aardvark" by Paper Armies.

The EP was recorded and mixed by drummer Gabe Millman early in 2011.

Look for the band playing live again in Ithaca on Friday, July 27th at The Space with Paper Mice (31G), Our Daily Fix, Mylets and more; then on Sunday, August 12th for Bubba's birthday show with The Bulletproof Tiger, Summer People, Attic Abasement, and Graupel.

Photo courtesy of CG Photograph:

SIRS S/T LP: coming July 2nd

Our upstate NY pals SIRS first full-length drops on July 2nd via the crucial Topshelf Records. Check out the  new track "Crossbows and Arrows" below while we hotly anticipating this S/T effort and additional tracks to preview.

UPDATE: Pyramid has posted a press release:
If you somehow haven't been in the loop on this, here you go.

The following has been copied verbatim from City of Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick's Facebook post.

This is one site of the story, but also the final decision. Owner Alex Perialas spoke with earlier in the month:


On June 19, 2012, the City of Ithaca declared unsafe Pyramid Sound’s buildings, legally requiring that they be vacated immediately, and that repair or demolition commence by January 1, 2013. Many in the community have questions and concerns about these actions. I’ve tried to answer as many as I can individually. Below are some answers to frequently asked questions..

Q: Isn’t the City declaring Pyramid’s buildings unsafe just to make construction of the Clinton St. bridge easier or cheaper?

A: No. Pyramid’s buildings are structurally unsafe and in danger of collapse, and would be so even were the Clinton St. bridge project not underway. A structural engineering analysis of Pyramid’s building concluded that:

“The cracks and displacement are clearly indicative of prior damage, settlement, and rotation. . . . [T]he settlement and movement at the load-bearing walls is significant [and] a serious concern as further movement or settlement of either of those walls could cause catastrophic failure of the building as they support the steel roof beams.”

Q: Weren’t all the cracks in Pyramid’s building caused by the bridge project?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ithaca's "PunkRockWaltzStompShout" quartet why+the+wires have signed with Richmond, VA's Rorschach Records!!! The RR has been home to the likes of Capsule, Ultra Dolphins, The Catalyst, among other quality underground acts.

The band is shooting for an August release, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out their sophmore LP via Angry Mom Records, streaming now.

Catch why+the+wires live at The Space on Sunday, July 29th at The Space @ GreenStar with The Catalyst, Dionaea, and Temuchin. 8PM $5

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

YES! Hello there, we are still alive here at "FREE!".  As some of you may have heard, I (Bubba) was in the UK visiting my first nephew for most of May, then returned home in time for Ithaca Festival and Mouth To Mouth To Mouth's EP release show and subsequent weekend on the road. It's been a busy last two months, but we'll get you all caught up right now.

We'll start off with some high quality footage from Weedeater at The Haunt from Chris Knight and Time/Being at Cornell University from the first IU/Risley collaboration via Lanny Haung.

Then it's on to the brand new Ithaca-based band Temuchin featuring ex-Iwo Jima Medkit members and touring members of Tombs.

Lots more from Young Widows, Pygmy Lush, Femme Tops, Underground River and more after the page break...




Young Widows

Hope you all enjoyed this latest BIG DAY IN! Here's the first crop of vids from the first half of the show. Lots more higher quality video coming your way soon...

Burn Everything

Don't Go Into The Woods


Among Dead Men

Cheerleader Death Squad