Monday, April 25, 2011

The upcoming Big Day In will see the Ithaca return of the Binghamton grind crew Sepsis! Last seen totally demolishing the CSMA alongside Fuck the Facts, Lux Carentes, and Genital Holograms, Sepsis are stoked to be back and once again bring the grind to Ithaca. Vii Caso caught up with vocalist Dennis Michael Lamp via email to find out what's been going on in the world of Sepsis.

IU: It's been a while since since Sepsis has played Ithaca, are you guys stoked to be back as a part of Big Day In?

Dennis Michael Lamp: We are always very psyched to be playing Ithaca. The scene up there is so diverse and always so positive. You all have shown us a lot of love from the get-go and we are very appreciative. As always, Bubba has a stacked line-up. Very honored to play amongst such heavyweights as Tombs, Woe, Sulaco and our pals in Inerds and Hiroshima Vacation.

IU: What's been going on in the Sepsis camp these days? I heard you guys recruited the drummer for Circle of Dead Children for a while?

Dennis: We have had a bit of a turbulent year, there was some inner band b33f which caused our founding drummer Dom to leave us for awhile. We picked up Mike Emm (from Binghamton grind band These Machines) to fill in for us for some time. He did a great job and is a really good dude. As of late all bullshit was cleared and Dom returned harder, faster and more ready to play then ever. We are very psyched to have the original line-up back. As far as our long time friend Matt Francis (current drummer of CODC/Hank Williams III) , he was going to be our hired gun to fill in for us if any touring/recording possibilities arose.

IU: I also heard that Grindcore Karaoke was going to release something from Sepsis. Truth? Or is there another lucky band called Sepsis out there?

Dennis: Haha that's actually a funny story. One day I saw that J.Randall twittered (or tweeted I don't know what the fuck it is) that he would be releasing Holglust, Inerds, Sepsis and a few other bands on his internet label Grindcore Karaoke. I was taken back for a moment, because we had never spoke to him whatsoever so, to clarify I emailed him. He told me he was in fact talking about another group of the same name, but was very into what he was hearing by our band and he was very interested in doing a release with us. Long story short after several emails between him and I, we concluded that a name change was in order. So as it stands we are in the process of changing our name, which I feel is necessary anyway at this point being one of many bands sharing a name. So be on the lookout, ideally our next release under a new name will be on Grindcore Karaoke.

IU: Does Sepsis have any new releases planned?

Dennis: We have a slew of new songs that were written before Doms hiatus. We have jumped right back into practicing them and it feels so good. Hopefully there will be a new name/record out this summer. We've been throwing around a few ideas for a split with local band/great dudes/providers of a practice spot Your Hero. Be on the lookout for them, think The Locust/Charles Bronson/Punx.

IU: Will you be performing any new material at Big Day In?

Dennis: We will absolutely be playing some new songs. I think roughly 2-3 from a year ago that were put on the back burner, and one totally brand new one that doesn't even have lyrics at the moment. Jason Kruger is a fucking riff machine.

IU: Any final words?

Dennis: Thanks so much Sev and everyone in Ithaca who has ever watched my band or given a shit. Bubba and everyone who make Ithaca Underground the powerhouse that it is. It's really great to see such a diverse and flourishing scene in upstate New York. Also just off the top of my head everyone should support Inerds, Revoked, Colony, Crime Pays and Hiroshima Vacation!

Photo by Kyle Edwards Balles

Sepsis will perform at BIG DAY IN on May 7th, 2011 at The Haunt with Tombs, Woe, Ehnahre, Sulaco, Oak & Bone, Night Owls, Lux Carentes, INERDS, Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, Hiroshima Vacation, and Sun Spells.