Monday, April 4, 2011

Meet The Band: The Invisible Hand

Band Name: The Invisible Hand

Location: Ithaca, NY

Formed: 2010

Members: Mark Pearson (bass, guitar), Devin Conathan (drums, keys)

Releases: The Invisible Hand (2010) available HERE.

Tell us about yourselves!
Forcibly ejecting itself from your speakers like some mutant hellspawn, The Invisible Hand creeps up behind you in the darkness to tear you limb from limb. Dense swirling subsurface waves of bitcrushed deconstructed noise assault your senses as a pounding pulse keeps you barely grounded in temporal existence. Amid the undercurrents of this sea of loud, melodies struggle to the surface, gasping for breath, and quickly succumb to the undertow, plunging into oblivion like some rollercoaster designed by a genocidal maniac. Lightspeed four-four hardcore punk riffs unexpectedly pivot into odd-meter atonality and back with reckless abandon; walls of noise build and build and build, challenging the listener to back down first. Amid the chaos, a continuous ever-evolving groove embeds itself in your subdermal areas. Make no mistake about it, this is a dance band in wolves' clothing. (We did, after all, start out as a funk band oh so many years ago.) Amalgamating everything you've ever heard, The Invisible Hand puts the blender on liquefy, retiring to their dank, dusty, sometimes-flooded basement, reemerging weeks later with a primordial soup of whatever
mediated by one cardinal rule: no shit.

Our music is a pure representation of our life and times, offered as a testimonial to the transformative power of music, as demonstrated by all of our favorite bands. Free your mind and your ass will follow. The kingdom of heaven is within.