Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Meet The Band: Kites In Space

Band Name: Kites In Space

Location: Trumansburg/Ithaca

Formed: Summer 2008, though most of us have been playing music together for ten years or so.

Members: Benn Bartishevich, Steve Burton, Katelyn Glanton, Scott Nelson, Chris Ploss,

Releases: Kites In Space (full-length, 9/08), Machine Machine (EP, 8/10)

Tell us about yourselves: The band formed after the dissolution of our original band, Seth Feldman, because we wanted to make more interesting, exciting, and ambitious music. All of our music is self-recorded in various houses and barns. Right now, we're recording our second full-length album, which we hope to release by the summer. It's being recorded by our drummer (who is also one of our primary songwriters), Chris Ploss, who has also recorded bands like Beach Parade, Fight A Scary Dog, The Pop Winds, Baby Pony, and The Motivators. We like playing music in basements and drinking beer in the woods, and we hope we can be your friends.

Don't miss Kites In Space performing live with The American Dollar, The Atomic Forces, and Paper Armies on Wednesday, April 20th. 8PM at the GreenStar Annex (aka The Space at GreenStar), 700 W Buffalo, Ithaca, NY 14850. $5