Friday, April 22, 2011

This May will see the return of the Syracuse sludge-hardcore powerhouse Oak & Bone, back for their 2nd Big Day In show in a row. Vii Caso caught up with vocalist Weston Czerkies via email to hear his thoughts on returning to Ithaca.

IU: Two Big Day In shows in a row! Are you guys stoked to be back?

Weston: WAY stoked. Ithaca rules.

IU: Was last December's Big Day In your first time playing Ithaca?

Weston: The last BDI was a blast and considering we were a last minute addition, we felt really lucky to be a part of it. It was our first time playing Ithaca and we’re glad we left a good enough impression to be asked back.

IU: What did you guys think of the Ithaca music community?

Weston: From what I can tell the Ithaca scene seems great, really supportive of diverse independent music. It’s hard to get people on the same page when you’ve got all sorts of different genres of punk, indie, metal, etc. blending into the same shows, but from what I can tell people here seem to really be into it. It’s refreshing to see more than one type of band on a show and to see that there are enough open minds to appreciate that.

IU: Oak & Bone has a pretty interesting sound. It's hardcore, but I pick up a definite sludge metal influence.

Weston: Yeah, I might actually be the only one in the band who still thinks of us as a hardcore band at this point. At first there was definitely more of a sludge influence but I think now we’ve begun to blend more drugged-out rock riffs with a quickened hardcore pace. We all take cues from different music and the results are just a focused version of our individual influences. More of that genre-blending, yanno?

IU: Do Oak & Bone have any future releases coming out?

Weston: This June should see the release of our first full-length LP out on HEX Records! We’re thrilled to finally have this completed and to get it out to open ears. Hopefully some touring to support it will follow.

IU: Any final words?

Weston: Follow the smoke to the riff-filled land.

Photo by Maciej Wojtkowiak (who btw, does amazing work and you should check him out)

Oak & Bone will perform at BIG DAY IN on May 7th, 2011 at The Haunt with Tombs, Woe, Ehnahre, Sulaco, Night Owls, Lux Carentes, Sepsis, INERDS, Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, Hiroshima Vacation, and Sun Spells.