Thursday, February 3, 2011

These questions were answered by Nathaniel Rappole in conjunction with Frayser Micou (aka The Impostor), whose answers are made as if he were the former.  The *'s signify what is happening in the moment of the answering.

*Frayser is making breakfast. We are in his kitchen.  It is 11:20 AM. The bacon is frying.*

IU: Where did the idea for initiating a one-man project and the imagery behind Gull start?

NR - It is important to do some things alone. The imagery/skull mask came into play while I was living in Philadelphia (circa 2003).

I needed a way in which to hold the telephone mic close to my face.  My good friend Graydon had a paper skull mask, and my pal Brian had some electrical know how and a soldering gun.  gullskullgullskull = serendipity.

FM - I was watching groucho marx and he spoke to me.  He said "you can do any fucking thing you want to in this world..."  he said this with not his eyes, but his brows.  It was then that I realized my drummer wasn't playing the parts I wanted, my bass player only wanted to swim, and my guitarist (me) was overshadowing me. I needed to venture off into the abyss of self emulation.

Burn baby burn.

*The grits are on... they take a slow hand.*

IU: Where along the timeline did the project evolve in relation to your other bands Ultra Dolphins and Snack Truck?

NR - Gull sprung forth into the physical (sans audible skull mask) in Harrisonburg, VA - a little less than a year after Snack Truck formed, and a few months after I began playing guitar in ultra dolphins (2001).

FM - honestly, I would say it has been a devolution.  

*Heating up the bacon grease and about to fry the eggs in it. Adding cheese to the grits.*

IU: There's footage of you playing to the general public on the street in your home town - how/when did that situation come about and how has it been accepted over time?

NR - I have been busking for a few years now...  mostly in Richmond, VA.  I just did a trip where I drove down through Mexico and performed on the street (primarily in Veracruz and Chiapas).  Music on the street is important.  I view this type of performance as an act of public servitude.  Some people (i.e. Charlottesville, VA policeman "Slim Jim") would disagree.

FM - I overheard a little girl ask her dad "why is that man doing that?" and her father's reply was "well, because the street is his home."  It was then that I realized that there is a simple answer for everything.

*Flipped the eggs.  the grits are stewing. Everything is in place.*

IU: Gull as a project has existed for a few years now but (to my knowledge) only one 7" EP has been released. Any new recordings in the works?

NR - I have many minutes of free music for all who ask.

FM - You bet your ass.

*Dishing the goods on to plates. Boo the dog waits in ravenous anticipation of scraps.*

IU: What is your favorite part about touring/playing as Gull?

NR - Solitude.

FM - Taking as much time as I need in any convenience store without worrying about upsetting anyone.

IU: Any downsides?

NR - Solitude.

FM - Sometimes I can barely remember my name.

*we are eating.*

IU: Any best stories from your varied performances?

NR - I performed in the snow not long ago...  it be a utiful sight.  A million million frozen skulls rode tricycles to their melting graves.

FM - My dog Ramona was pregnant and I didn't know it.  I was southbound at 40mph when she suddenly jumped out the open window.  I turned the car around and found her in a ditch 5 minutes later.  She had given birth to 9 puppies.  They all were donned with human skull masks, just like their dad.

IU: How many times have you been set to play Ithaca and have been unable to make the trip due to the weather?

NR - Once.  maybe twice.

FM - I am now the proud owner of 4 snow tires.

IU: Any final thoughts for our readers and those planning on attending the show?

NR - Bring a sandwich.

FM - Bring a sandwich.

WS - all things are ready, if our minds be so.


Interview by Ithaca Underground's Bubba Crumrine. 

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