Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet The Band: All of them Witches

Band Name: We are "All of Them Witches". I guess this name came about from an infatuation with the movie Rosemary's Baby. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

Strange to say that we've actually had this name from the beginning when we were a three piece just starting out. About two years after that formation, three different practice spaces in, and one less band member, Roman Polanski reigns supreme.

We're right out of Buffalo; Loving life in the third most impoverished city in America. I think it's conducive to the mental state, even the writing process. All things aside, we love this city.

Formed: Clay molding over the top of metal braces clearly, though the clay is malleable and able to take on many forms... like that blob from the Herculoids... he could turn into tanks.

The original molding was born in October or November of 2009 with the braces of 1/2 of Red Tag Rummage Sale, 1/2 of A Hotel Nourishing, and 1/3 of Patrons of Sweet. After losing the Patron brace, Phil (Red Tag Rummage Sale) decided to make another brace and add a second guitar, the Bass-6, to his playing, thus playing two guitars at once.

Phil Freedenberg- Guitar + Bass-6
Cameron Rogers- Drums

Releases: We've selfishly held onto our work tightly, though we've recorded full lengths twice. The first time was when we were a three piece, but the second time as a two piece.

The two piece recordings were actually just very recently done at Watchmen Studios (it's a great place). We will be releasing the album soon hopefully. We've just been figuring out some different options and talking to a handful of people.

We've been bouncing around with names of the album, so far we've come up with "Underdeveloped Hydration Portfolio" or "The Way Crispin Glover's Character Talks In the Movie, 'River's Edge'"

Don't miss All of them Witches live with Matta Gawa, Keir Neuringer, and Mouth To Mouth To Mouth at the Community School of Music & Arts, 3rd Floor Auditorium, 330 E State St (Martin Luther King Jr. St), Ithaca, NY 14850 8PM $5