Friday, February 25, 2011

Interview with THE BODY

For over a decade, Providence, RI duo THE BODY have been clawing past the false and leaving releases of utterly bleak heaviness in their wake.  Turn the page to 2010 and the band drops "All The Waters of the Earth Turn To Blood" - 2xLP of stunning creativity, originality, and pure heaviness - on the unexpected masses.  An additional 30 musicians joined the duo on this epic, including the entire Assembly of Light Choir into the record - an accomplishment in itself and an outright success in their ability to still sound like themselves. Doom, noise, drone, throat singing, and more collided into something freshly evil. The album adorned many year-end "Best of" lists and set a new bar in the avant leanings in doom metal. Ithaca Underground's Bubba Crumrine catches up with the band during a brief break between recording and hitting the road for their next tour which includes a stop on the Scion Rock fest with the likes of Morbid Angel, Agalloch, Floor, Bastard Noise and more. The trek also boasts their first performance in Ithaca, NY at CMSA with locals Hiroshima Vacation, Iwo Jima Medkit, and Genital Holograms on Saturday, Feb 26th - 8PM $5.

IU: "All The Waters of the Earth Turn To Blood" was one of the most ambitious, creative, (and best in my own humble opinion) heavy LPs of 2010 - how did the idea for such an immense collaboration spawn?

We just have really talented friends, it came together pretty organically, someone would happen to be in town and we’d be heading into the studio so they’d come lay something down.

IU: Did you two have a general idea of which musicians you wanted involved and the final result or was it simply a product of all of those people getting together?

We knew we were using the choir and we wanted WORK/DEATH to do some noise parts but  mostly it just kinda came together naturally.

IU: What's the story of syncing up with Assembly of Light Choir for their involvement with the album?

Our friend Chrissy Wolpert started the choir and she’s like our musical soulmate so, it made perfect sense.  Everything she does is so great and we were honored she agreed to record with us.

IU: How have you two been adapting the album for a live setting?

We’re bringing our friend with us this tour to trigger some samples and stuff but it’s a whole different beast live. Hopefully people can enjoy it for what it is.

IU: You recently released an anthology of previous EPs and 7" - how far back do the tracks go and how does it feel having those tracks see the light of day again?

It goes back to 2002, it’s good to have them available, I hate when bands keep things out of print intentionally even though people want to hear it. I’m glad the cop killer 7” can see the light of day again because I know a lot of people didn’t get a chance to get that the first time around.

IU: How long have you two been playing together as The Body?

We started playing in Arkansas in 1999 so we’ve been doing it for a while now.

IU: Any best/worst road or recording stories?

As long as we stay healthy we have a good time, me and Chip are best friends so it’s pretty relaxed. Recording at Machines with Magnets is like a dream  so that’s always a good time.

IU: Your March tour got shifted back to make room for that killer Scion Rock fest out west, are you still able to play most of the cities that were first lined up?

I think so, we tour so much that if there’s something we missed we’ll probably be back there within 6 months.

IU: Any bands you're most stoked to play with/see while on the fest?

It’ll be awesome to see our friends in Cough and Dark Castle, but I’m really excited to see Morbid Angel, Bastard Noise (since Eric Wood is a big inspiration to us) , and I’m curious to see how Integrity is gonna be.

IU: How long has that sick North Drums kit been a part of The Body and how the hell did you guys obtain it?

It’s actually a pretty crazy story, we found them about 5 years ago at a Guitar Center. We had a friend who worked there so we got them for about $350 and I sold a rack and a 10” tom for $375 so I actually made money off them.

IU: After such an ambitious and well received album like "All The Waters of the Earth Turn To Blood", what new directions do you you aim to take the music of The Body to in future releases?

Who knows, I guess we’ll just play it by ear and see how it goes.

IU: What can we expect from 2011 from The Body

We’re actually in the studio right now with our friends in Braveyoung doing a collaboration. We’re doing 3 songs at Machines With Magnets. We also have a split 7” with a band called Whitehorse that we should have on this upcoming tour. As far as touring  we’re touring some in Canada in May, we’re going out with the Assembly of Light Choir in June.

IU: Any last words to our readers and to those coming out to the show on Feb 26th?

Listen to WORK/DEATH

Don't miss THE BODY with Hiroshima Vacation, Iwo Jima Medkit, and Genital Holograms at the Community School of Music and Arts, 330 E State (MLK Jr) St, Ithaca, NY 14850. 8PM $5 and all ages.