Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meet The Band: DAADs

Band name: DAADs

Location: At the bar, trying to forget

Formed: Before you were born

Sweatshop Dad
Farm Dad
Lazy Bathrobe Dad
Business Dad
Combover Dad

Releases: "Dad's Best Shirt" full length CD to be released on February 22

Everything else:
Business Dad: Always on the go, workin', workin', workin'... I Skype my son at least two times per week. All about business.

Farm Dad: Simple life... yep.

Lazy Bathrobe Dad: Just woke up, what are we talking about, son? did I miss your birthday?

Sweathshop Dad: Listen up because I'm only saying this once: I'm very proud of you

Combover dad: In a terrible accident at the wheat mill outside of town, the man known as Combover Dad was birthed anew. During the guided tour of the mill, a very pretty lady made a disparaging remark regarding Combover Dad's bald spot when she thought he couldn't hear. But by golly did he hear. Picking up a jar of crisco and a plastic comb at a stripmall dimestore, a hero was finally born.

See DAADs live with SATANIZED, drumslikemachineguns, DAADs, and Mike (A)! at the GreenStar Annex, 700 W Buffalo, Ithaca, NY 14850 this Tuesday, Feb 22nd 8PM $5 All ages.

Photo by  Maciej Wojtkowiak