Monday, June 21, 2010

Interview with Angleworm

Ithaca Underground's Pete Ives presents our latest interview, this time with Angleworm's Ryan (bass, vocals) and Chris (guitar, vocals):

IU: You guys are from CT, right?

Ryan: Yeah, New Haven, CT

Chris: New Haven, CT.. the city that sleeps

IU: How many are in Angleworm?

Ryan: We are a three piece.

IU: Your latest drop, 'Humdinger', that's quite recent?

Ryan: It came out two weeks ago, actually.

IU: I've been really digging that 'In Motion' track

Ryan: That's actually off of our last album that we dropped in 2008 called 'Post Rock'.

IU: How many other albums have you released?

Ryan: We've done quite a few, but there aren't many that we're super stoked on. (laughs)

Chris: There are only three that I would recommend a listen.

Ryan: We've probably recorded five or six albums, maybe three full lengths and three EPs.

IU:What made you guys want to get involved and start this shit up?

Ryan: We've been doing this stuff since we were 13, so, quite awhile.

Chris: Ha, yeah.

IU: When would you say Angleworm really got it's start?

Ryan: When we were 13, we both went out and bought a bass and a guitar

Chris: For Christmas I got a guitar and he got a bass and we just started playing

Ryan: and recording and playing some covers, and then we're touring.. and just having a good time.

IU: What inspires you guys to write?

Ryan: I think we both have different writing styles when it comes to music.

Chris: It's fun to write about stuff that's going on. I like to write about political issues but I don't like to get preachy about it. I don't want to give off that vibe that, yeah, you have these ideas, but you think that you're better than other people because of it.

Ryan: We don't want to write love songs. I like to write about what actually means something.

IU: How has tour been going so far? What places have you hit up? Things been going well?

Ryan: Things have been going great. Today has actually been the only bad day, where we had to cancel. So far, we've done two in Massachusetts, a New York City, a bunch in Pennsylvania, we hit Chicago a couple days ago, we're doing Michigan tomorrow, and then back to Chicago, and then New York and then home. It's been a great tour.

IU: What have been your favorite spots to hit up or play over the years? Any solid memories that stick out?

Ryan: I definitely think our favorite show was our worst show, in a sense. We played at this place in Chicago called 'Risque Cafe', there was no working PA, we had to run everything through a guitar amp, there weren't any mics; it was quite ridiculous. We had a blast, though!

IU: Any tours in the works besides this one?

Ryan: At the end of the summer we're going to try and put another one together. We might hit up some of the same places because it's been a blast. We've met some really great people.

IU: When you're traveling around, do you find it easier to nab places to stay? Or do you, often times, find yourself in the van?

Ryan: We got to stay at a mansion, actually. (laughs) It was right on a lake in Pennsylvania.. it was like a gated community. We were really happy to stay there.

IU: What would you guys say are some major goals for the band, short term and long term?

Ryan: We want to do another tour at the end of the summer, for short term. We just really like playing music, so we want to do it as much as we can.

Chris: Long term - keep playing music that people like us would like.

IU: Have you been to Ithaca before or will this be your first time?

Ryan: This is going to be our first time and we're really pumped for the show!

IU: Any words of wisdom for those who are maybe trying to take music down a similar path?

Ryan: Most people should clash, the world would be a better place. Do what you want and say what you want to say and not be concerned about other people's reaction.

IU: Got anything to say to those who will be experiencing your shit June 22nd?

Chris: It's gonna be fun! People in Ithaca should, I guess, get blazed up and come out! (laughs)

IU: Anything else you guys would like to say?

Ryan: We've been having a blast. Ithaca will be our last show on the tour, so we're just really pumped to play!

Chris: That's what she said.