Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet The Band: Lux Carentes

Band name: Lux Carentes, latin for Devoid Of Light, also a term used to refer to the dead.
Location: Ithaca, Ny

Formed: Fall 2009

Brandon Kane - Bass
Jason Dengler - Guitar
Adam Morris - Drums
Brian Burke - Guitar
Brian Dayhart - Vocals

Releases: None to date. Currently working on a four track demo.

Sound and Texture:
Sans illumination, barren of the fire within. detached Self drifting into a myriad of half formed possibilities.

The darkened scarlet brings Self back to Self, aware and stained by the flight, unable to retain form.

A waxen glare reflects the pallor of flesh as a sound of despair heralds a release of from this torment.

And in the desperate beauty of this exalted conjunction, darkness fades and the dead begin to march.

So when you think about it, its kinda like a metal soundtrack to Weekend at Bernie's II. Best part is our first album is totally gonna sync up with it to.