Saturday, June 26, 2010

Meet The Band: Animal Pants

Band Name:
Our band Is called "ANIMAL PANTS". There really isn't a very good reason for this name other than we just really liked it when I thought of it.

The first incarnation of our band was titled "TING TANG TRICKSTERS (FUN TIME FOR RADIO)," properly pronounced in an Asian accent. We only used this name for a one-off basement performance where we played very early versions of current songs.

After recording our first demo we settled on "BORN AGAIN BEEF EATERS," thinking that it was the most cleaver, funny, and subtly rebellious name that we could come up with. We ultimately found out that it was actually one of the worst name we could come up with and decided to change it.

We proceeded to come up with about 300 or so names. Animal Pants was the very last name we came up with. I thought of it the day we were playing a show to announce our new name. It was also the only name that we all collectively enjoyed. Runners up were,
& my fave, FLASH PANTS.

We are from Syracuse. Like for real, we didn't just go to college here. This is were we were born. Giovanni and I have known and played together since we were like 15 or something. Nick Mazzeo was from a different side of town, but we just became friends with him not to long ago.

In January of 08 I moved back to Syracuse from Portland ME. Giovanni and I started playing in his moldy ass basement. We had previously been in a band together for a few years before that we both quit. We started this band completely form scratch, recorded on anything we could, camera phones, tapes, 4trackes. We soon invested in a small digital recording unit and started recording everything we did. That is how we did all the preproduction for our latest EP "SONG FOR STANLEY" and thats probably how we will do our next record.

The very first song we ever wrote together is called "FLOWERED SHEETS" and we just recorded it a few weeks ago and are planning to release it as a single.

Giovanni Giardina, drummer/leo/Italian
Jeffrey York. Guitar and other stuff
Jeremy Vecchi. Bass guitar
Nick Mazzeo. Keys/this kid has amazing hair.

"Song For Stanley"
Our EP is dedicated to a very nice older gentleman who works as a parking attendant at Syracuse University.
You might as yourself, "UMM? That's funny! Why a parking attendant?"
Reasonably so.
Well, I would just have you please take a moment to consider how rude, sedated and collectively inhuman much of this country has become in our mindless dedication to routine, safety, and "cautious procedure" and tell you that it is because Stanley, in his hired role, was always honest, genuine and real. I feel that those characteristics are very uncommon and under-appreciated now a days.

Big up to MORE SOUND STUDIO for making this happen. If you are a recording musician in Upstate New York and don't already know about More Sound, then you need get with it. This is the place. Owned by the long time Sound Engineer for Ithaca band John Brown's Body, the staff is great to work with, super friendly and very professional.