Saturday, June 26, 2010

Band name: Elsa and the awesomeAWESOMES

Location: The idea came in Ithaca, NY, but we grew up in Aberdeen, SD. Our current bass drum is from a street corner in Bozeman, MT, which is also where most of the songs were written. And we spent a semester in Cape Town, South Africa.

Formed: Spring/summer of 2008, first show October 4th, 2008. I had been doing a bunch of acoustic guitar stuff, but I got bored with that and came up with EaA as a high-energy solo artistic/musical project. A friend lent me a demo of Ableton Live, and I threw my drumkit skills over the electric sounds I composed to make loud dancy music.

Members: Samuel Sveen

various demos in high school with friends

Fiction and Roses | 2007 | home-recorded acoustic guitar album

The Club Intense | 2008 | mix of home-recorded and live performances

UKE 10 9 8 6 5 4 3 2 1 | 2010 | forthcoming album of short and fun ukulele songs, home-recorded

Snarls | 2010 | forthcoming EP on 7" vinyl, to be released on Angry Mom Records

Elsa is the most wonderful girl you can imagine. She's imaginary. The band's just me.
I like to go crazy and be intense and just have fun. It's much easier and controllable to do things by yourself, and even if I had a live keyboardist or guitarist, their sound would still just be coming out of a big black box - a speaker - but anything acoustic is different. And for loud dancy music, drums are the obvious choice. Plus I have the most experience with drums.