Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meet The Band: turbines

Band name: Turbines. The capital 'T' is optional. But please, its not "The Turbines," simply "Turbines."

Location: Rochester, NY

Evan McNamara - Guitar, a tad bit of programming, Beards.
Paul Schleiter - Korgs, Casios, White Noise Machines, Programming.
Jim DeWitt - Bass, Guitar, Midi Controlller, Laptop Master, Programming.
Laptop - he does what we tell him to, or else we send him to bed without dinner. Goddamn misbehavin' laptop!

We don't have any material officially released but tracks can be found at  If all goes well, we will be releasing an EP in a few months!

Initially formed in Jim's 5th floor dorm room 4 years ago, doing simple loop-based jams in Ableton Live. About a year and a half ago, we started jamming with Paul and moving away from the loop-based structure. We got our first show sort of by accident in Fredonia, and it ruled! We haven't looked back since.

Tell us about yourselves!
We just like making music that sounds good. Music that is different from what you might normally hear. We try to just be original and be ourselves, musically. We like making songs that you can dance to, bang your fucking head to, trip balls to, chill out to, and everywhere in between.

Features members of:
Evan plays drums in The Serlingtons (Binghamton, NY) but that band will be breaking up soon. Jim played bass in Long Lake (Rochester,NY) but that band broke up. He has a new band called Revengineers which are a Nintendo rock outfit.  Paul has a solo project called WalMart SuperCenter that is fucking awesome. Its really noisy, great stuff.