Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet The Band: Tropical Punk

Tell us about yourselves!
We are Tropical Punk and this is a party. Zach Puls plays guitar and sings. Max Biggio plays guitar and sings. Reece Lazarus plays bass and sings. Billy Lacava plays drums. Duncan Shea used to play drums, but he is in Barcelona.

We have released two EPs. One is called Acid Wash and the other is called Heads Above Water. These can be downloaded at We will have tapes at shows.

We are also related to other bands. These are Caution Children, Zombie Orgy, Tundra Toes, Glitter Monks, Spurs, and zgress. We love all those guys. We are all friends.

We do this because this is a party. Have fun.