Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Meet The Band: Hiroshima Vacation

Band name: Hiroshima Vacation

Location: Ithaca, NY

Members: VII Caso (Guitar), Severin Heads(Drums), Tenor Caso (Vocals)

Date formed: sometime in the summer of '09

Tell us about yourselves!
History: I (Vii Caso) believe it was at the first Rosetta show, Severin told me that he wanted to start a sludge metal project, and asked if I would play guitar. I'm not that great on guitar, but I thought why the hell not. So when we started jamming in Severins basement the whole "sludge metal" idea kinda disappeared quickly and I was playing more hardcore riffs. We improv jammed a bit, and started making our own original songs pretty quickly. We kept doing the instrumental jams for a couple months, not really knowing what style we were going to stick to really. We ended up just playing a hybrid of hardcore/grindcore/death metal (ie: heavy shit). So, we knew we needed a singer because instrumental grind is fucking whack. I suggested my brother Tenor because I heard him scream here and there. So the next practice we brought him over and he improvised over the songs we wrote. And everything just sort of fit. We've been going at it since then.

Upcoming Shows: We're playing the Big Day In on May 1st, which we are all unbelievably stoked on. We'll aslo be playing at the CSMA on May 29th with Aliments, Dweeb, Clan of the Cave Bear, Megachurch and Crime Pays and then the Ithaca Festival sometime in June.

Influences: I personally have a pretty wide range of influences. We all love grindcore with a passion, but really any kind of heavy music is where it's at. So yeah, with HV I just try to channel all the raw, aggressive grind I love into guitar riffs.

Favorite Shows: I think my favorite shows that HV has played were definitely the grind show with Defeatist and Psychic Limbs and the Haiti Benefit Concert Eli from The Motivators set up. That place was fucking PACKED!

Releases: n/a yet :-(

Check us out: I guess just check us out if you love grind/heavy music. There aren't a lot of grind bands around in Ithaca, I don't really know why. So yeah, if you like grind, you'd probably dig us. But if you see us live, then you must mosh!

Features members of: Lazy Devil, Anthripocide, Big Bird, Gore Gore Death Fetus, K-So project, Milor Broso, Hanson, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc.

Which aspect of BIG DAY IN has you the most excited: FUCKING MAGRUDERGRIND AND TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION!!!!! And all the crazy metal heads is the audience.

Online links: None yet. Hahaha