Monday, April 19, 2010

Meet The Band: Iwo Jima Medkit

Band name:  Iwo Jima Fucking Medkit

Location: Ithaca/Newfield

Members: Iwo Jima is Alex Ribeiro on bass, Andrew Summers on drums, Dan Howard on guitar and previously featured Jayme Peck on vocals (who parted ways to spawn and spread graphic disease).

Tell us about yourselves!
Let's see... back in Ithaca around the turn of the century, Andrew and Dan were assaulting ears with blast beats and feedback in Knives! (which featured Andrew Hernandez of Tombs on the kit) when an unstable Brazilian dude named Alex started showing up to some of the gigs...

In the summer of '08 Andrew invited Dan to join in on the jams he and Alex had been doing. Dan, who hadn't been doing shit since the last time Knives! played (a basement show on Farm St. in which Psyopus was fired upon with bottle rockets during their set). Dan joined in and after writing some material brought in Jayme, who Dan had been working with on the early Ithaca Underground shows. Iwo Jima's first show was mid February '09 and that's it basically. Essentially, we strive to make extreme music, as in loud, obnoxious, and heavy, that's not genre specific.

Which aspect of BIG DAY IN has you the most excited?
As far as th Big Day In goes, we're stoked to play a local fest the showcases some of the best in local, regional, and national extreme music as well as playing with our long time friends in Tombs.

Finally, we just recorded a handful of tracks that should be available at the very least in CD-R format for the Big Day In. And, if anybody that digs our sound wants to work with us vocally, contact us at! See you May 1st.

P.S. If you want to avoid the feeling of suicidal regret, check out the Wayward at the Abattoir, 803 Coddington Rd. Ithaca, on April 26th!