Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet The Band: Dance-A-Tron

Band name: Dance-A-Tron

Location: Binghamton, NY

Members:  Kevin Kober - bass guitar/vocals; Mike Escott - guitar; Stephen Askew - drums

Formed: 2004

Tell us about yourselves!
We started Dance-A-Tron in 2004 as a two piece project. Stephen and I had been playing together in another band, All Immune/Paroxysm with Bijoy and Bob from Swath. When that band came to a close, Swath and Dance-A-Tron were formed.  With no guitar player, we tried to create a unique sound that incorporated fast, crusty punk with Lightning Bolt style playing.  We recorded a 9
song demo shortly after forming and began playing shows on a regular basis.  We continued to play as much as we could and released two more CD’s.  For a while, we toyed with the idea of adding a third member to the band.  At first we thought about a horn player or a keyboardist.  We scrapped those ideas quickly and decided to finally try hearing our songs with a guitar player.  That is where Mike stepped in.  Mike and I have known each other for a long time from previous bands and shows.  Once he started playing with us, we knew that we should have added guitars a long time before.  We became reinvigorated by the new sound and started writing new songs as soon as he had learned a handful of our older tunes.  We have just released our new cd entitled, 13 Seconds, as a three piece and are looking to progress further than ever before.

Features members of: Kevin is also currently in Swath from Binghamton, which is also playing BIG DAY IN. As mentioned above, Kevin and Stephen, along with Bob and Bijoy from Swath, used to be in All Immune/Paroxysm.  Mike used to play in 607 and Hope Never Lost

Which aspect of BIG DAY IN has you the most excited:  This will be our first show at the Haunt as a three piece and we are looking forward to tearing it up.  We never have a bad time in Ithaca and we know this show will be a great time.  We are also excited to watch all of the other bands play. 

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