Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet The Band: Paralysis at Dawn

Band Name: Paralysis At Dawn

Location: Groton, Cortland, Moravia

Current line up was around the fall of 2010.


Dana Twigg- Drum kit
Ritchie K- Brutal Guitar
David H- Destroyed Guitar and some percussion

Releases: There are no current releases from PAD.  We have a 3 song demo that's waiting to be mastered. Mid-August we should have it to throw at people. We're hoping to press it on a 7" or a split LP with other artists eventually.

Tell us about yourselves!
Paralysis at Dawn is music and sounds that are distinct, and represent our energy and vision. We don't really have any anchors when it comes to songwriting or styles of music.  Though Ritchie and Dana have established an unique technical, trash like metal over these past ten years that serves as the basis for most of our work,  the addition of David and the direction of our jams have us not knowing what material will end up being arranged.  "Technically sound ambient metal" is probably the easiest way to describe what we do (thanks Bubba). Our band takes influences from a variety of sounds and we try to incorporate those various influences into every song we write. I think we're striving for a sound all our own and so far we're doing a pretty good job with it.  Matched Cut, War Dove, and 30 Watts Short are bands that we've previously played in.  Dana also is an acoustic folk style songwriter.

Our first show at the haunt with our friends Baylor's Eye had us pumped due the the great response we received. We have the writing process on hold over the summer, but we are very much stoked to put some new material together.   We're anticipating performing IU shows, as well as at the 77 Club in Cortland.
We are looking to expand our sound through different instrumentation, and having friends supplement our sound with vocals, noise, live energy or anything else really...  but we'll see what happens. Definite plans are Playing for the love of playing and coming up with more "_______ @ Dawn" t shirt ideas.

Catch Paralysis at Dawn live, opening for Meek Is Murder, Tiger Flowers, and Crime Pays on Thursday, July 28th at The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St, Ithaca, NY 14850 - 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES