Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ithaca says "Good-bye!" to Elsa & The awesomeAWESOMES tonight at The Space.  Get ready for an extra special performance with more costumes, gags, interactivity, and more. He's on second. Headlining is the return of The Emotron with the first appearance of Andy The doorbum in I-town. Paper Armies to support.  Read more for details and more video!

- Last year's set courtesy of Kyle Rothman

Ithaca Underground presents:

Wednesday, July 13th

The Space @ GreenStar (aka The Annex)
700 West Buffalo St
Ithaca, NY 14850

Tour preview links:​ch?v=uYBDCdE5Vyc​ch?v=k9FVeZsGabU

The one-man, music/performance art project known as The Emotron returns to Ithaca! Constantly shifting and continuing to evolve from the outfit changes, fires, and shock show he became known for and last year's polarizingly dark sci-fi TV/nest performance. Starting off as high-energy 90s era sequencer powered synth-punk with a serious dose of very warped pop music, The Emotron continues to venture into darker electronic territory, debuting his latest, '1998' to the video world by combining two living room performances of the song and melding the footage and audio into one piece. He continues to be a successful stab at doing something different in this day and age and doing it right.

I'm not as familiar with Andy as I'd like to admit, but each day since being introduced gets me more and more excited for this performance. Unconventional, dead-on songwriting and mostly acoustic yet massively intense live shows, with a character that's usually reserved for the likes of early Beck and rowdier moments of Tom Waits - I know, I hate summaries which liken DIY acts to high-profile stars as much as the next person, but hear me out. Check out the immensely stacked tracks on 'Art is Dead' and ' Thought is Digestion' and come see him live and let's have that argument. I'm not ready and that makes me pretty pumped. Here's a few works from the Doorbum himself:

" My name is Andy the Doorbum. I have been making music for over 10 years as well as making visual art, writing zines, working at the World Famous Milestone Club for six years, touring extensively, making my own merchandise, and preparing for the apocalypse. I’ve recorded four EPs and four full-lengths that have never seen the light of day and have released three splits, one EP, a cassette tape, and three full length albums. I’ve also contributed to several compilations including Another Merrie Kinnikinnik, the Shuffle Magazine Valentine’s Comp, and Piedmont Hellstompers. I’ve taken part in some art showings, the release of and contribution to numerous written publications (poetry and prose), and a handful of video projects along the way, as well. I’ve been touring consistently for five years with this project throughout the East Coast and Midwest regions of the U.S. and did a small European tour in May of 2008. My show history has consisted of playing anywhere possible, from dance recitals to library openings, barns, baby showers, basements, skate parks, and Italian Heritage Festivals. From events as small as house shows, to a World Music Festival attended by 3000+ people (performing as a member of Etran Finatwa from Nigeria). I’ve toured with and also been a member of Cryptorchid Chipmunk, The Emotron, PPR, 2013 Wolves, Morbid Toothbrush, FleshHouse, IYF PoRK, Pangolin Wasser, and Appalucia (and I recently collaborated on a recording with Mack Johansson (from Sweden) of the group Hyacinth House). Alongside these endeavors I’ve been actively recording my own projects, as well as several other bands, and I’ve done it all with the help of a few good friends and very little money. I can also start a fire using nothing but sticks and some string" - Andy The Doorbum

Elsa & the awesomeAWESOMES​ges/Elsa-and-the-awesomeAW​ESOMES
Tennis, skiing, uke, drums, laptop. All are words which could me things but this time they only mean one thing - Elsa & the awesomeAWESOMES are psyched to bring you more dancy synth goodness with wholesome doses of live drums and maybe some uke if you eat your vegetables.

More darkly beautiful live guitar/electronics bliss from Ithaca's Paper Armies. Melding elements of ambient & shoegaze with a gift for composition and sound engineering, this is some seriously superb and moving music. He also regularly runs sound at many an IU event! Check out footage from his last IU gig in support of The American Dollar:​ch?v=am8kHJKb1fE&feature=p​layer_embedded