Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet The Band: meek is murder

Band Name:
Hi, how are you? We're meek is murder.  

We're from Brooklyn, NY. Right now we're in a gross van tarnishing the picturesque quality of Burlington, VT. Someone tagged "El Barto" backwards on the rear doors of our van the day before we left. I think it was Sean. Fuck you, Sean.

Meek was my (Keller's) solo project which I started in late 2005. We didn't become a band with real life human members until early 2008 or so. Our first show was in 2009 and our first record came out this year in 2011. I guess we're kinda slow.

Keller- vocals and guitar
Sam- bass
Frank- drums

Andrea- my girlfriend and our unofficial manager/caffeine level monitor.

We just release an album called "Algorithms" which was recorded by Kurt Ballou (Converge). It's about Computer Science.

I also put out an EP in 2007 called "Mosquito Eater" when meek was still a solo project. I recorded it in my bedroom with one microphone. Some people say it sounds kind of cool. I think it sounds like it was recorded in my bedroom with one microphone.

Tell us about yourselves!
I used to be in a band called The Red Chord and before that I was in a band called NAME, neither of which which sound like really. Sam has a band called Sunwoman who we don't sound like at all. Frank is in a band called Empyreon which we REALLY don't sound anything like.

The purpose of this band is to have lots of "vantime" which we're doing pretty well at this year. We went to Texas for SXSW. Right now we're on tour with Fuck The Facts. Next week we're going out with Tiger Flowers. In case you were wondering "vantime" is in fact one word because the van no longer exists as a separate or tangible entity but a seamless extension of the collective dude consciousness. Also, the laws governing the space-time continuum cease to apply within this complex bouquet of aromas. Additionally we are quite fond of Waffle House. There aren't any WH in Brooklyn so in order to quell an insatiable hunger we obviously had to start a punk band.

Check out meek is murder's new video "Recursions" over at Metal Sucks and don't miss them live at The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St, Ithaca, NY 14850 with pals Tiger Army and locals Crime Pays and Paralysis at Dawn. 8PM $5 ALL AGES.