Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BIG DAY IN: Meet The Band: Sun Spells

Band Name:
Sun Spells

Location: Ithaca, NY

Formed: Fall 2010

Akyurtlu, A.,
Anderman, J.
Marshall, O.
Valla, J.

Releases: N/A

Tell us about yourselves!
Sun Spells are a reenactment society interested in the preservation of primitivist North American charismatic drone rites. Traditional electroacoustic drone performance finds its roots in the late 18th century, where naturally occurring voltaic piles and hand-cranked oscillators produced low frequency bio-acoustic waves, catalyzing the transcendent experiences of the camp followers. This colonial elaboration on the just intonation organ drone of the medieval catholic mass found further elaboration in various esoteric utopian communities. The cloister at New Harmony, the Log Tabernacle of the Beaver Island Kingdom of the Strangite Mormons, and the underground labyrinth of the pietist Amana Colonies are all known or suspected resonant structures, vibrating sympathetically with lunar, choral, and paleo-industrial fundamentals. We're also greatly influenced by
post-war movements such as Krautrock, Japanoise, and British psychedelia. We use (for the most part) guitars, drums and a modular synthesizer, though our ensemble will eventually include a large choir. The band started when the first three members (Jeff, Judd and Owen) met at a séance in an abandoned lighthouse. We've played two shows thus far. The first was at an art gallery, where we managed to shake two paintings off the wall over the course of the set. The second was in a basement, where we managed to evacuate all but three audience members. Big Day In will be our third show, and our first as a four-piece following the addition of Aydin, our bassist and color guard.

Sun Spells - "He Came From the North" by owenmartial