Saturday, April 16, 2011

BIG DAY IN: May 7th, 2011

Welcome to another BIG DAY IN - Ithaca Underground's DIY day-fest of 12 bands for only $5. Click for details.

TOMBS (Relapse Records : Brooklyn, NY)
WOE (Candlelight Records : Philadelphia, PA)
EHNAHRE (Ex-Kayo Dot : Crucial Blast : Boston, MA)
SULACO (Willowtip Records : Rochester, NY)
NIGHT OWLS (Hex Records : Syracuse)
OAK & BONE (Hex Records : Syracuse)
SEPSIS (Binghamton)
INERDS (Feral Kid/Wrong Foot Records : Buffalo)
MOUTH TO MOUTH TO MOUTH (Pirate House Records : Ithaca)
HIROSHIMA VACATION (Pirate House Records : Ithaca)

Saturday, May 7th
The Haunt
702 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY 14850
12PM-10PM $5 All Ages

*Sponsored by McNeil Music of Ithaca, Angry Mom Records, and The Haunt

Welcome to the 4th Big Day In - 10 hours of some of the best & brightest from around NYS and the east coast. Once again we give you an entire day's worth of fantastic music for just $5 as a big ol' 'THANK YOU' to everyone who comes out and supports IU shows throughout the year. If you've never been to one of our shows, better make it one of these. All ages as always! Time to meet the bands...

Back by popular demand, these juggernauts of heavy music return to Ithaca as the world eagerly awaits "Path Of Totality", the follow up to 2009's acclaimed "Winter Hours".

For the uninitiated, Tombs tap into the infinite well of emotion and expression seamlessly welding an astounding array of heavy genres into one dynamic, ever evolving sound. Sludgy, doom riffs are immediately apparent but so are aspects of hardcore, rock, and metal. Even UK post-punk influences shine through - an aspect that has developed further in the bands newest material, which in itself is a massive step forward in songwriting and scope for the trio.

"Path of Totality" finds TOMBS achieving what their previous recordings had always hinted at - an ultimately heavy and nuanced fusion of their disparate influences. "Bloodletters" and "Constellations" see the band flex its prodigious muscle; "Vermillion" and "Cold Dark Eyes" wrap arms of blackened misery around the listener, while the profound sadness of "Silent World" and "Passageways". With this latest LP, TOMBS has come into their own as one of the finest heavy bands in the world.

Philadelphia black metal legion Woe were founded by band mastermind Chris Grigg in 2007, initially as a solo, raw black metal project releasing a split 7" and full length between '07 and '08 with Chris performing all instruments on the recording.

Last year, Woe emerge as a blackmetal powerhouse, issuing "Quietly, Undramatically" on Candlelight Records - their first with a full ensemble which boasted members of Absu, Woods Of Ypres, The Green Evening Requiem, Infernal Stronghold and Rumpelstiltskin Grinder within its ranks. The album found quick critical acclaim and topped many year-end lists in the metal community across the US and Europe, praising the group's artistic vision and sonic variation (in a sometimes stagnant genre), while still retaining its roots of intensity and bleakness:

"Woe's artistry cuts so deep as the band understands the depths of desperation. Their music at times wallows in its own hatred while at others displays optimism that life will improve. It is a satisfying bait and switch because the band knows when to sacrifice betterment at the altar of the bleak." - Washington Times

"Woe's punk spirit goes beyond bouts with d-beats and energy to spare. They don't give a fuck about convention, just about stretching what they love to the point where it may not be what it originally was anymore. Undramatic my ass. This is the sound of black metal to come." - MetalSucks

"The album has a huge amount of variation, and tacks on enough unforeseen twists to keep even the most jaded metal fan listening for the whole run time. Fans of U.S. black metal need to make a point of keeping up with Woe," - Metal Underground

The band recently returned from a west-coast stint highlighted by performing with the likes of Morbid Angel, Agalloch, Fuck the Facts, Bastard Noise.

EHNAHRE: (mp3 samples)
Ex-Kayo Dot members seamlessly blend black/death/doom metal with 20th century composition, free-jazz and noise for an uncompromising assault on the senses. You may remember the band was supposed to play The Shop back in Feb of '10 before there was an injury in the band which prevented them from touring. Here are some kind words from the fine folks at Crucial Blast:

"I've been itching to hear more from these warped death abstractionists; their debut instantly dazed me with its jarring, alien approach to bestial slow-motion death metal, drawing heavily from the twelve-tone surrealism of composer Arnold Schoenberg and the outer fringes of free-jazz and free improvisation as much as they do from the foul black pit of early 90's death metal and doom. Even after years of devouring the most dissonant strains of death metal that I could get my mitts on (Gorguts, Demilich, Immolation, Portal, etc.), these guys stunned me with their extreme chaotic dissonance and pitch-black chthonic textures, a combination of atonal 20th century classical music and vicious blackened death laced with squalls of free-jazz horns, stretches of intense choral ambience, and blasts of calcifying glacial doom. Featuring former members of the prog/gothic art-rock band Kayo Dot and avant-death metallers Biolich, Ehnahre are creating some of the most difficult death metal I've heard since Obscura, but also manage to balance the extreme atonality and relentlessly unpredictable nature of their arrangements with seething aggression and crushing riffage."

Sulaco can be seen as an evolution from guitarist Erik Burke's previous band, Lethargy, who played a seminal role in shaping the musical climate of Rochester's underground metal scene, crafting an style of ridiculously intricate carnival-esque metal that showcased cross-eyed guitar antics and blistering jazz-fusion rhythms over 10 years before it became popular in the underground. After three demos, an album, 1999 marked the demise of Lethargy with drummer Brann Dailor and guitarist Bill Kelliher moving on to enlist in Today Is The Day and later form Mastodon.

Wasting no time to regroup, the multi-talented Erik Burke assumed drumming duties in Kalibas until 2002, when he parted ways with Kalibas and recruited Golding and Hackett to form Sulaco. Like Lethargy, Sulaco improves upon Lethargy's haphazard sense of structure and instead integrates the mesmerizing quirkiness into a devious songwriting regimen that is as spasmodically progressive as it is abrasively visceral. Sulaco's ability to seamlessly employ an explosively direct approach to such technical material is rare when most bands of this nature would rather noodle indiscriminately, consequently sacrificing memorable songwriting for aimless masturbation. Such intrinsic fluidity defines Sulaco as a shining example of world-class forward thinking metal.

Night Owls emerge on the Syracuse scene with a sound quite different than one might expect from the members of this band. All parties have logged serious time in numerous area bands, in crappy vans, playing in random towns across the country. Their collective experience spews forth with punchy punk rock/post-hardcore jams that have all the quick wit of a Hot Snakes set mixing with the loud cacophony of early 90's NY post-hardcore. We missed out on their incredible set for the Angry Mom Records show they did back in the fall of '10 and we've been aiming to have them back since! The band has released a CD demo, 7" and a 7" split with Syracuse brethren Oak & Bone.

UPDATE: Night Owls have released a brand new EP and it's available on their bandcamp now! Great stuff!

Syracuse sludge metalers return for their second BDI! These tunes are hazy and doomy but with a backbone that won't let go of hardcore. These guys jumped on December's fest after a certain headliner had to bow out b/c of van issues. In addition to their aforementioned split with Night Owls, they also split wax with Like Wolves and have their Hex Records debut long player heading our way soon.

Ithaca black-metalers return to the big stage for the big day! These guys have torn it up on IU shows with the likes of Fuck The Facts, Today Is The Day, Keelhaul, Iwo Jima Medkit, Painted Rust, Fire When Ready and others in addition to setting up their own damn shows and keeping metal alive in I-town. Featuring ex-members of Chapel Perilous, galloping black metal riffage and vocals collide with thundering basslines and a distinct rock vibe underlying the whole thing for a unique take on the genre. Check out tracks from their latest, recorded with Phil Abbott at Pyramid Sound Studios right here in Ithaca.

Raw, violent and unrelenting grindcore from our friends in Binghamton! It's been far too long since we last had these guys up here. They last tore our faces off at the Fuck The Facts show at CSMA. They've been tearing it up across NYS with the likes of Fuck The Facts, Ken Mode, Avulsion, Inders, so if haven't check them out yet, do yourself a favor and click above.

Back for another shot at Ithaca! Scathing DUAL femaile vocals collide with brutal powerviolence, grind, and noise for an unrelenting assault on the senses.

Still relatively fresh on the scene, this four piece is spreading the mouth love of melodic, complex math-punk jams across the CNY. Dynamic passages careen with the utmost control through spastic time-shifting aggression, hushed introspective melody, sheer wall of sound and occasional bursts of vocals. Rolling bass lines, meticulously interwoven guitars, and the some of the tightest drum work in town. The quartet includes Makeshift's Peter Pillardy and Gabe Millman on guitar and drums respectively, Corey Fox Mahaney (Speak Daggers, Genital Holograms, etc) on guitars & vocals, and rounded out by Ithaca Underground's own Bubba Crumrine on bass. The band released their 4-song EP debut this fall, recorded at Pyramid Sound with Phil Abbott.

Back for their second BIG DAY IN! Since their Pirate House Records debut, the brothers Caso have been busy harnessing their maddening blast of grindcore for their upcoming three-way with thousandswilldie and Standing on a Floor of Bodies. Get ready for neck-snapping grind, stripped down to guitar & drums w/ dual vocals.

Kicking off the day will be one of Ithaca's newest acts - the improv heavy drone trio of Cornell grad students known as Sun Spells. Armed with standard, prepared, and baritone guitars, assorted percussion, modular synth, and a myriad of pedals, effects, and gagets (including a Roland Space echo); these three floored it at their gallery debut at Tjaden Hall. Check out the link to their 35 min improv from that performance above and come early to check them out live!

Big thanks to our three sponsors who continue to make these BIG DAY IN events a reality.