Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet The Band: Bright Shiny Objects

Welcome to another addition of "Meet The Band" here on FREE!, where bands give us the essentials in their own words.

Band Name:
We are BRIGHT SHINY OBJECTS. Matt and I often like to play on words, we chose a title that represents what everyone seems to be looking for nowadays in our material world. As a band we write tunes to address and express our radically generated outlook in spit of this reality. In this spirit, Matt and I chose to write and perform with minimal means - that means NO guitar or vocal FX!!!

Christian's a Jersey Boy from Ocean County.
Matt is from Long Island.
We have both lived in and around Ithaca for sometime.

Matthew Kelly Vox/Drums
Christian deBrigard Guitar/Vox

We first met and began performing together in 2009, in THE SYNDROME. Matt had always sang and fronted bands but never played drums in one. We've always had an explosive chemistry both on an off stage, and to us Bright Shiny Objects was a natural development that began for us as we became increasingly involved in the Ithaca Underground scene. In the angst of the of the youth movement - pertaining to what is "indie' and what is "not", we found another way to push ourselves, always in an honest effort to shatter the "status quo" and punking it up.

The first song that we wrote together is "Wake up and Die". Bright Shiny Objects is scheduled to record their debut album locally at Moving Box in late November, and hope to have some bootlegs and merch available for the BIG DAY IN on December 4th. Right now we're busting down hard and booking shows in cities throughout New England for early 2011.