Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Meet The Band: Cattle Drums

Band Name:
Yeah…well, we’re cattle drums. But if that doesn’t suite your liking I don’t see any problem you fiddling with it. I don’t know much about London but I hear in the east end there’s some form of colloquial speech… cockney rhyming slang…here you take a word, “cattle” in this case, then another that rhymes, “saddle” for instance, and then shorten the derivative word…so here you’re left with “sad.” This word replaces the initial word completely. So, no more cattle drums…just sad. I don’t think I like this anymore. Well, anyways, cattle drums, no association with kettle drums…but, if it comes to pass that cattle drums is drafted into war and thrown into their own battalion, you can bet your ass we will use kettle drums and forty pound sheep head mallets as a means of threatening strategy, and that we will all die.

If cattle drums were a dog, we’d be pure bred mutt...as well as blind, tumor ridden, back legs replaced by wheels. We all connected at SUNY Oneonta. Upstate NY in general is home to all of us but Pat Moore. He claims Long Island his birthplace and current place of residence but…we all know he’s from outer space and makes frequent trips there.


We formed sometime last year…fall ’09. It was cold and smog blocked out the sun. I had never sung a word…stuttered a note…still haven’t really as far as I’m concerned. The dudes had a few songs and needed someone to do vocals and I worked as a dish washer at the time and thought it was something I could get into if I just kept the mic real low and found someone else to do the recordings. We’re still together for the most part…like…a geo missing its bumpers with dirty oil…it still drives…maybe a little rough…its visit to the crushers..the bone yard…it’s not all that far away, and if it gets into an accident it’s going to blow up. But we’ve still got gas in the tank so we’re not going to stop until that runs out.

Darin on bass, Pat Moore on guitar, Gulab…also known as Jarusha, Jarad Needham did the drumming on The Boykisser Sessions EP and our two song demo we have yet to put out.. co-founder of collapsed records, and is ultimately cattle drums himself. He moved to Brooklyn upon graduating and now….now cattle drums is kind of like a grilled cheese without buttering the bread first…so now you just got toasted...probably burnt bread with melted cheese in it. What a shitty sandwich. Barely worth eating… I mean if you’re starving…on the verge of keeling over… it’ll do the trick but…damn. Well, Jarad is missed terribly but we had the beautiful Sean Scully (listen to his band classic tribe!) fill the void for a while. He’s a great sport, nasty drummer, all around good dude, but now he’s got an internship to look after and we have landed Matt Hambone Payton who will help pick up the back, boost morale, be the nicest guy you’ll ever meet, and since our anatomy…well speaking for myself, maybe darin… is closest to dogs, Payton, being a vet’s assistant, can fix our broken bones.

So far just The Boykisser Sessions, recorded at dickbutt studios. CHECK THEM OUT if you want your music to sound like paradise. We’d be lost without them. Mike Natoli and Jon FatMan Hernandez of Timeshares, who rule the earth (please listen to this band unless you’re an enemy of our country) run this studio and make magic happen. We will be releasing a two song demo in a couple weeks or so. Full length out in spring we’re hoping. Stay tuned for good and miserable things. PIG OUT.

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