Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet The Band: Zona Mexicana

Band Name: Zona Mexicana

Location: Purchase, NY

Formed: Late 2008

hart seely - guitar + vocals
cameron wisch - drums + vocals
zephyr prusinski - bass + vocals

3 song CDEP demo thing from January 2009
2 songs on a split 7" with Elemeno for summer 2010
both were self-released 

Tell us about yourselves!
Zona Mexicana was "come forth"-ed in october of 2008 by Cameron and I when we met at SUNY purchase. we started writing songs pretty quickly, and when we got a few "down pat" i asked Zephyr to come play bass with us sometime. he did, and then he joined the band. Don't tell anyone but we're named after a shitty mexican fast-food chain. We went on a short tour that winter after we'd recorded 3 songs and put together our first release. we toured that summer as well from NY to Minnesota and back with our friends in Monster Machismo. I believe we toured for a bit the winter after that, not sure about that though...but we
definitely toured this past summer for 40 days and 40 nights after releasing a split 7" with our friends in Elemeno - we worked our way over to the west coast and played a show in Mexico and went back up
through the south. as for what's next...we've been recording some new stuff, our best material thus far i think, and pretty characteristic of how we actually sound live. Some of it's a lot darker, slightly more vocally oriented, a little heavier. we're hoping to be able to release this new stuff ASAP, and we'll be looking around in the next few weeks for a small DIY label who'd be into helping us do so. If we can get that squared away then we'll be booking a long tour for next fall. anyways...that's basically it, I also play bass in Sirs, Cameron's got some of solo stuff that he's working on, and Zephyr's a l33t h4x0r. We're down for show trades at our school, talk to us!

Catch Zona Mexicana at Big Day In this Saturday with Young Widows, Bridge & Tunnel, Soul Control, Beach Parade, Like Wolves, Cattle Drums, Why The Wires, Ailments, Speak Daggers, and more! 12 bands, 10 hours, $5 all ages. Starts up at noon at The Haunt, 702 Willow Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850.