Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One of 2012's most awe-inspiring events returns to CSMA with the ever-growing NAKED NOISE improv drone ensemble on Friday, April 4th at 9PM.

Join us once again as we transform the CSMA Auditorium into an ethereal sound garden, with a massive 22 musician, amplified ensemble of ritual drone with visuals.

This is far more than just a show - more of a total transcendental sound experience. The performers will be set up in a ring, where the audience is encouraged to wander around the circle of musicians and experience the performance from a variety of angles. The sound will stretch and mutate based on which performers you're closest to.

The performance will be entirely improvised with each musician dedicated to the ebb and flow of chaos and restraint.

NAKED NOISE will once again be curated by Sun Spells (Jeff, Heather, Judd, Aydin, and Owen) and include members of TZAR (Brian Wilson, Michael Stark), LOFTS (Bruce Hyde), Time/Being (John & Mario), Soft Healer (Will & Marie), Hiroshima Vacation (VII Caso), BRIAN! (Bubba), The Invisible Hand (Devin Conathan), You, Me, and the Radio (Katie McShane, Damien Scalise, Luara Karlson-Carp), The Sutras (AJ Strauss), Electric Golem (Trevor Pinch), plus Matthew Saccuccimorano (Black Castle, Sound Awake, etc.), and Michael Troutman, with visuals by Nils Hoover (Newman Brothers).

Friday, April 5th
Community School of Music & Art
3rd Floor Auditorium, 330 E State / MLK Jr St., Ithaca, NY 14850
9PM | All AGES | $5

Who's doing what? View below...

Jeff Valla: Guitar, Organ
Heather Fae Speaker: Voice
Judd Anderman: Drums/Synth
Aydin Akyurtlu: Bass
Owen Marshall: Baritone Guitar, Hammer Dulcimer
Devin Conathan: Drums/synth
Jon Eckhaus: Turntable/electronics
Mario Gutierrez: Drums
Brian Wilson: Drums, Timpani, Gong
Michael Stark: Organ, Piano
Bruce Hyde: Baritone Guitar
AJ Strauss: Upright Bass/Theremin
Trevor Pinch: Synth
Matthew Saccuccimorano: (assorted)
Bubba Crumrine: Bass
VII Caso: Bass
Marie Butcher: Voice/bass/synth
Will Slack: Guitar
Katie McShane: Cello
Damien Scalise: Guitar
Michael Troutman: Synth
Luara Karleson-Carp: Voice
Nils Hoover: Visuals