Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet The Band: The Yeomen

Band Name: The Yeomen

Location: Ithaca, NY

Formed: Febuary 2011

Devin Castaldi-Micca (guitar, vocals, organ, other stuff)
Dylan Henderson (lead guitar)
James Jordan (guitar, noise, percussion)
Julian Ciany (drums, vocals)
Pat Gaughan (bass)

Releases: Nothin' formal yet, but we have some rough demos and live cuts on our Bandcamp:

Tell us about yourselves!
Hey, this is Devin from the Yeomen. We formed last winter as a Tom Waits cover band. We learned a song or two of his but moved pretty quickly over to my originals. Many of our songs started as my bedroom recordings, but the full band has helped bring these songs from whispered and restrained bedroom folk to sweaty loud rock songs. We pride ourselves on our genre jumping, playing everything from folk-punk to garage, shoegaze, noise, punk, stoner metal and whatever the hell else we have a good time playing. We got off the ground playing in a friend’s garage, often in the freezing cold, the brutal heat, and generally at the ire of the neighbors (and once while a skinned raccoon was being bled onto a piece of cardboard). The other guys in the band are involved with other groups or solo projects, Julian and Pat both play in local mainstays Zgress ( and Kin Ship (  Julian also plays in a band back home in Providence RI ( Dylan and James are involved in a local trip-hop project and James also creates noise compositions. Dylan is also involved with a noise rock group out of Brooklyn.

Don't miss The Yeomen live, kicking things off at The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St  with Arvid Noe (Boston) and StageFright (Ithaca /  Long Island) - 8PM $5 All Ages