Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet The Band: StageFright

Band Name: StageFright

Location: Long Island, NY.

Formed: Summer 2010.

Members: J, Keri, Pete, TonyA.

Releases: Act I:

Tell us about yourselves!
J: Pete and I talked about starting a fast punk band at an Energy show in Autumn 2009, but it would be nearly a year until it finally happened, and almost two years until we played a show. My biggest influences are AFI, The Nerve Agents, Ceremony, and Some Girls. I am planning on getting our demo pressed on cassette, but no one else knows about that. My dream is for us to open at an Insanity Defense reunion show. It’s all about the wordplay.

Pete: Ever since high school, I wanted to start a “fast, but weird” punk band. I didn’t find the right people to do it with until after I graduated college.I got a group of my friends together, and everything clicked.  J, Keri, and Tony are all insanely talented and the nicest people. I’m so lucky that I get to be in a band with them! The music I contribute in this band is probably most influenced by Fugazi, AFI, Public Enemy, At The Drive-In, Minor Threat, Refused, and Rites of Spring. I personally have no ambition for this band being successful, I just love creating music and playing shows with my friends. But I guess the “purpose” of the band (as me and J see it, at least) is to make punk that’s different from what’s going on in the Long Island scene, particularly the hardcore scene. There’s a lot of generic tough-guy hardcore out there that is made primarily for the “shirtless muscular dudes in gym shorts” demographic. I don’t think a lot of bands are trying hard enough to create something new. I don’t know if we’re really successful at doing that or not, but that’s kind of our goal. Plans are: put out another EP by the end of the year, play plenty of shows, have fun, try hard, but don’t take it too seriously. (Sorry for rambling on so much.)

TonyA: I have been playing drums since the 3rd grade, and I never turned back. Being an avid member of the local Cornell University Drumline, it is no wonder that I stress keeping time so strictly when I play with StageFright too. Punk, in particular StageFright, has really pushed my limits. The Long Island punk scene is a unique, ever-evolving scene that I have been a part of since 2005 in some shape or form (when not busy with Ithacation, of course). Each band has been a rewarding experience, but StageFright has brought me to new heights I never thought possible. Thanks to Pete, J, and Keri for having so much confidence in my playing. You guys make the rush of playing feel that much more sweet. (Ramble on!)

Keri: I started playing bass shortly before joining StageFright. I played guitar in a previous band with Pete and am very happy to be playing with him again, as well as J and Anthony. I have a lot of fun playing in this band. I hope we can play out more in the future and am looking forward to recording our next EP.

SPECIAL NOTE: Thanks to Bubba for doing giving us our first show outside Long Island, and for letting us do this little bio thing!

Don't miss StageFright live at The Space @ GreenStar on Thursday, March 29th with Boston's Arvid Noe and The Yeomen (members of Kin Ship and Zgress) - 8PM | $5 | ALL AGES | 700 W Buffalo St., Ithaca, NY 14850