Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet The Band: Blunt Guts

Band Name: Blunt Guts

Location: Syracuse

Formed: Fall 2010

Members: Greg, Bill, Tyler, Armando

- Hug Machine demo cassette, limited to 100, recorded at More Sound in Syracuse, released June 2011.
- Split with Fukk Bar Culture (Indonesia) TBA release date, on CDR and possibly 7”, recorded by our buddy Trevor.  Our side is up for streaming/download.
- Track on “Prime Eggsampler Vol. 1” released by online label Prime Eggsample Records.
            *Download the Prime Eggsampler for free here:
            Part 1:
            Part 2:

Blunt Guts and a wide variety of punk, noise, sludge, grindcore releases on Prime Eggsample Records’ Bandcamp. Check it out here:

Both of our releases are on our bandcamp for free download:

Future releases:
- Track on comp released by DIY NOISE, set to be released early-mid Spring 2012.

Since all of our shows are in Syracuse, we can’t wait to leave for a mini-tour with BRIAN! and Dance-a-tron.  The Syracuse scene is small but intact, we’d probably love for your band to come out and play a show at Badlands.

Purpose of the band:
To deceive you as a bunch of stoners yet mindfuck you with the seemingly contradictory hyper-speed riffage and non-weed-relative subject matter.

Catch Blunt Guts on the road with BRIAN! and Dance-A-Tron at the following locations
- Feb 24:  The Space at GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo St, Ithaca, NY  with Xerxes (No Sleep Records : Louisville, KY)
- Feb 25:  Beagle Pub, 85 CFJ Blvd., Johnson City, NY 13790 with Revoked
- Feb 26:  Badlands, 1007 East Fayette Street, Syracuse, NY with Globsters and Dirty Humans