Thursday, February 23, 2012

That’s right! Ithaca, Syracuse, and Binghamton are combining forces for this righteous (wrongteous?) mini-tour.   Bubba from BRIAN!, Kevin from Dance-A-Tron, and Greg from Blunt Guts have been working to strengthen the ties between the CNY cities for some time now and what better way to take the next step than to do a big ol’ weekend together?

For the uninitiated, BRIAN! takes an their unconventional instrumentation of bassoon, guitar/bass, electronics, voice, drum kit, and metallic percussion, fuses with influences of prog, Rock-in-Opposition, math-rock, classical, and noise to spin dark, complex compositions.

Blut Guts from Syracuse take the fast and furious approach fusing white-hot grind, hardcore, and powerviolence into 50-60 second seconds of pure scathing intensity.

Dance-A-Tron are no stranger to Ithaca, having performed in our fair city with the likes of Fuck The Facts, Kylesa, Intronaut, the inaugural May BIG DAY IN, and more. Thunderous power-trio of hardcore from Binghamton.

Check below for dates, times, locations, and additional acts.

(Ithaca) Feb 24th: XERXES (No Sleep Records) + BRIAN!, Dance-A-Tron, Blunt Guts
@ The Space, 700 W Buffalo St - 8PM $5

(BING/JC) Feb 25th: Dance-A-Tron, Blunt Guts, BRIAN! Revoked
@ The Beagle Pub, 85 CFJ Blvd, Johnson City, NY - 9PM $5 21+

(SYR) Feb 26th: Globsters (KY) and Dirty Humans, BRIAN!, Blunt Guts, Dance-A-Tron
@ BADLANDS, 1007 East Fayette Street,  Syracuse, NY 7PM $6 - ALL AGES