Monday, February 27, 2012

McNeil Music of Ithaca, Ithaca Underground's longest running supporter, is moving downtown to Green Street! Just down the block from the Library, in the old Ithaca Photo building next to DP Dough. The store opens this Thursday, March 1st with the grand opening with in-store performances happening on Saturday, March 3rd. More info below!

Official Press-Release:
McNeil Music will be opening its doors at a new location in Downtown Ithaca on March 1, 2012 at 110 W. Green Street. Eric Laine, proprietor and Ithaca resident, says that the decision to relocate to Downtown from the Triphammer Mall was to "go where the people are." A downtown resident himself, Laine says,"For me, Downtown is the center of life in Ithaca. Not only is it good for business, but it's good for Ithaca that we are coming back downtown." McNeil Music, founded in 1951 by the McNeil brothers, was located downtown on Tioga Street for many years before moving up the hill to Triphammer Mall. As a relatively new owner of the business--three years--Laine tells of his excitement to finally get the chance to put his influence on this sixty-year-old business, stating that "In many instances, decisions were made generations ago. Now it's my turn." The new location will allow the store to offer drum lessons for the first time with a large area devoted to a lesson room suite replete with a lounge area and two large lesson rooms.

With five local music stores in Ithaca, one may think that competition for customers would be difficult. On the contrary, Laine explains that each store focuses on their own particular niche and thrives because of the deep and rich tradition of local music in Ithaca. As for his particular niche, McNeil Music is the area's only drum shop, the only store in town that rents PA gear and the sole proprietor of upright pianos. They offer beginner to professional guitars, keyboards, instrument and electronics repairs, as well as lessons in guitar, bass and now drums. "Ours is a store for the working musician and the next generation of working musicians,” says Laine, "We are on the third, sometimes fourth generation of customers. We are so lucky to have a town that supports such a diverse and vibrant music scene and our goal is to support that scene."

Downtown Ithaca Alliance Executive Director, Gary Ferguson, welcomes the investment that this newest business is making in Downtown. Ferguson notes, “McNeil Music and Downtown are perfect matches for each other. This is precisely the type of regional specialty store that is so well suited to Downtown.”

A ribbon cutting with Mayor Svante Myrick will take place at the new McNeil Music store on March 1 at 3pm and a grand opening celebration is set for Saturday, March 3rd. Live performances will be part of the celebration with local high school rockers Starts on Friday at 1:00pm; Bob Keefe and the Surf Renegades, comprised of McNeil guitar teachers and friends, at 2:00pm, DJ Laika at 3:00pm, and The Sutras at 4:00pm.