Thursday, January 12, 2012

THESE MACHINES return to Ithaca for their official CD release of "Pharmakon" and to kick of the IU 2012 year!  These Binghamton pals have created some seriously menacing tech-metal with influences all over the grind, death, and hardcore spectrum while creating a hell of a lot of noise for just a trio.  Dual vocal attack from guitarist Tom Doud (also of Sepsis, Dirty Slits, formerly Cancerface) and bassist Paul Ghilardi who get their shred on without any hint of wankness and rounded out with sick kit work via Mike Emm.  Check out footage below from their gig at CSMA with Hiroshima Vacation, et al. from the fall.

Also on the bill are Rochester’s BURN EVERYTHING who, we’ve been itching to play Ithaca as far back as ’09 if memory serves.  This band is crafting some eye-opening, relentlessly scathing melding of metal in hardcore that's all twisted and mangled.  Recently, BE have been getting some national attention from a variety of online hotspots including Metal Sucks:

" Progressive post-hardcore? Dillinger / Burnt By the Sun-esque mathcore? Some other ultimately meaningless label? Beats me… how about just “good”? Burn Everything even introduce elements like elephants marching riffs, Morbid Angel pick scrapes and relentless double-bass pounding you don’t normally hear from bands that fall on the more hardcore side of the spectrum. A true melding of hardcore and metal that isn’t — gasp — “metalcore.” These guys get my vote for sure."

Local metallic hardcore quintet Among Dead Men will kick things off. 

Come by The Space @ GreenStar, 700 W Buffalo, Ithaca, NY 14850 on Friday, Jan 13th at 8PM and check it out. Just $5.