Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meet The Band: SSWAMPZZ


Location: Syracuse, NY

Formed: From the Earth, like a golem

Members: Garrett (drums), Ricky (bass/noises/vox), Ray (guitar/noises/vox)

Releases: We have a super top secret classified 5 song EP fully recorded. it will be released in good time.

History: We all only really became friends and started playing together in late 2011. First it was Garrett and I, and then Ricky joined in after I had met him through The Clarendon Collective, which is a group in Syracuse that is aimed towards helping musicians and artists get shit done and available to the public. We meshed well right off the bat, it was pretty sweet. We all brought our own influences to what we were shooting for and it just evolved into a dark, high energy noise rock band.

Future: We haven't talked a lot about the future once the EP is released, we've mostly just been going with the flow. And i don't want to get ahead of myself, but there has been some chit chat about releasing a split with this super great band Dumb Talk from Beekman, NY. We'll probably keep playing shows in and around NYS. After the show in Ithaca on the 19th we are playing a couple shows in Syracuse. The one i am most excited for is on the 17th of February at Spark Contemporary Art Space, a bunch of great bands are playing it.

Don't miss SSWAMPZZ live with Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, Speak Daggers, Cheerleader Death Squad and more at Silent City Distro (above Autumn Leaves Books on the commons), 115 MLK Jr / State St, Ithaca, NY 14850 - 8PM $5 ALL AGES