Friday, September 3, 2010

Meet The Band: Acipenser

Band Name: Acipenser

Parishville, NY

Formed: 2007

Justin- Guitar/Vocals
Jimmy- Drums/Vocals
Ed- Bass/Vocals

Band History:
We started the band in 2007 with Mike Mcpherson, but more or less due to all of our lives going in different directions, we had to put the band on hold for about a year. Once we had everything back in place, we regrouped and Mike had decided to stay in Martha's Vineyard. We played together as a 3 piece for about a solid year and then added a 2nd guitar player by the name of Mike Murphy, he was in the band for roughly 3 months and we wrote the song "The Black Queen" with him, he decided to leave the band after the cd was recorded, our original plan was to have Mike Murphy helping with the bulk of the vocals.
What's Coming Next: 
We are actually in the process of working on new material, we have 3 new song writen at this time, depending on how things work out we would like to write 1 more song and record in the next few months. And there is a slight chance that Mike Mcpherson may be coming back into the band on vocals!!!

Describe your sound:
It's funny all of us have similar intrests like Nuerosis and Sleep, but then outside of that its all over the place anything from Hank 3 to some really far out black metal. I think that play's a part in it for sure, but we also play in a remote junk yard and write out best material in the dead of winter when it's 40 below with mountains of snow!!!

What's The purpose of the band:
TO DESTROY THE FUCKING PLANETS EAR DRUMS!!! No seriously music is our lifes blood, I believe it was Vinnie Stigma that once said "Hard Core and Tattoo's, once you get it in your blood, it never come's out!!!" Jimmy and I have been playing together off and on since we were in The Dying Game Theory back in 1999 and the 3 of us have been playing in bands since 1996, I personally crave creating music, we recently had some down time and it drove me insane to not be playing music on a regular basis!!!

Upcoming Show's:
Outside of playing Ithaca this Sunday, we are playing Albany in late October and hopefully we can pull together some other Northeast dates, we would love to get out to Boston and Providence.

We are truely honored to be coming back to Ithaca, we had a great time at the Big Day In back in May and are looking forward to Sunday!!! It feels great see such a tight knit scene that is open to many different style's of music!!

Check out Acipenser with Black Tusk (Relapse Records), Iwo Jima Medkit, and Oak & Bone (Syracuse) at The Haunt, Sunday, Sept 5th. Doors at 5 - show starts at 6PM. $10 at the door.