Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ithaca Underground's summer shows kick into high gear starting this Saturday, June 22nd with Daido Loori, Yakbak, King Sized Pegasus, and Cocaine Breath.

Links and brief descriptions for all of the shows announced so far are below (a final August show is ready to leave our lips soon).

Daido Loori, Yakbak, King Sized Pegasus, Cocaine Breath
Saturday, June 22nd | 8PM | $5 (email IU for details)

Daido Loori: M/F dual vocal fronted screamo/skramz from NJ. Beautiful, dynamic, with mostly clean-tone guitars and throat shredding vocals.

Yakbak: MTMTM/Beach Parade members playing mathy, melodic punk jams.

King Sized Pegasus: Youth hardcore punk with a brand new 8-track release.

Cocaine Breath: Ultra short set from Dylan Well’s powernoisewtf via Philly/Ithaca.

Grower, Callow, We Are Whaleshark, King Sized Pegasus
Sunday, July 7th | 8PM | $5 (email IU for details)

Grower: Fast, abrasive brand of hardcore punk with careful attention to tuneful melody and urgent, discernible lyrics.

Callow: Epic, heavily distorted, screamy hardcore from Philly. Members of Cerce.

We Are Whaleshark: Gnarled, psych punk from Ithaca with no regard for your stupid badge. Check out their impressive new studio album now!

(see above for King Sized Pegasus)

Mouth To Mouth To Mouth / Cameron Wisch tour kick off!
with Our Daily Fix, Perhaps, Nicknames, Sovereignties 
Wednesday, July 10th | 8PM | $5-$7 sliding scale  (email IU for details)

Mouth To Mouth To Mouth: Local math-rock heroes return! Free live download now.

Cameron Wisch: Performing solo drums/vocals/looped guitar mathy awesomeness. You’ll recognize him from such acts as Zona Mexicana (RIP), Porches, The Dan Drake Ensemble, along with his own solo and composition works.

Our Daily Fix: High-energy, tap-happy, math-rock with vocals and sax.

Perhaps: Bostonian prog/math/psych trio. Incredible stuff.

Nicknames: Jersey emo punks. Head-nodding, clean-tone chordwork and riffage, gang vocal, mid-tempo jams.

Sovereignties: Screamy indie/punk from NJ on tour with Nicknames! New music soon.

You, Me & The Radio, Cowboy Band, Red Sled Choir
Saturday, July 13th | 6PM-8PM | $5
@ Angry Mom Records, 115 The Commons, Ithaca, NY 14850
(Basement of Autumn Leaves Books)

You, Me & The Radio: Cello-guitar-voice trio exploring the outer reaches of pop songwriting and the deepest depths of free improvisation. A beautiful first release that's deeply gorgeous, strange and splendidly wild.

Cowboy Band: Boston based trio that is equal parts Albert Ayler and Alan Lomax. Using traditional Cowboy songs as vehicles for greazy noise-romps, Cowboy Band summons the ghost of Billy the Kid and makes him puke his brains out in a fit of pure joy.

Red Sled Choir: A delicious, subtle dish of dissonance, ambiance, jazz, and indie-rock.

Giraffes? Giraffes!, Goddard, Mouth To Mouth To Mouth, Cameron Wisch
Monday, July 15th | 8PM | $5  (email IU for details)

Giraffes? Giraffes!: Underground math-rock guru’s G?G! return to Ithaca for the first time since 2010. Check out their Pink Magick LP above and latest split with their tourmates here.

Goddard Promo from ThoughtWell Media on Vimeo.
Goddard: F/M fronted quartet. Post-punk, math-rock, indie, and experimental influences recorded by Steve Albini.

Mouth To Mouth To Mouth & Cameron Wisch will be returning home from tour. Welcome them home! This will likely be the final MTMTM show of 2013.

LISTENER, Fight A Scary Dog, Sammus
Thursday, July 18th | 8PM | $8 adv / $10 dos (Buy Tickets)
@ Just Be Cause Center (former Ithaca Paint building)
1013 W. State St., Ithaca, NY 14850
(IU's first show at this new space!)

LISTENER: In what will surely be one of our top showcase events of the summer, Listener bring their "talk music" to Ithaca for the first time. Check out their brand new LP "Time Is A Machine" streaming right now.

Fight A Scary Dog: Ithaca folk-punk heroes return for another rare live performance this summer! New music coming soon.

Sammus: Ithaca's queen of hiphop kicks the night off! Smart lyrics and versatile flow, uniquely chopped and video game inspired synths. She’s great.

MURDEREDMAN, Drose, Sun Spells (duo), Centopeia
Thursday, July 25th | 8PM | $5  (email IU for details)

MURDEREDMAN: New, noisy, mutant music through pummeling freakouts of dissonant tones and croons via members of Clan of the Cavebear, Self Destruct Button, and Jerk.

Drose: Industrial/noise/sludge/drone. Ugly beauty. You SWANS heads should be into this.

Sun Spells: Local gorge drone lords and Naked Noise curators, Sun Spells strip down to a duo of kit, synth, guitar, and possibly farfisa. Likely their final performance.

Centopeia: Unique, technical, heavy blues instrumental works. Members of Tombs/Iwo Jima Medkit.

Vasudeva, Gulfer, tba
Saturday, August 10th | 8PM | $5  (email IU for details)

Vasudeva: Sweet melodies, textures of crystal guitar lines, skittery drums, tight bass. Beautiful, instrumental math-rock with some post- flourishes.

Gulfer: Stellar math-rock from our neighbors to the North. Wonderfully ruff, melodic vocals; nimble guitar and bass licks, and tightly packed kit work.

more bands tba...

The Bulletproof Tiger, All of them Witches, +tba
(Bubba Bday Show!)
Friday, August 16th | 8PM | $5
@ Just Be Cause Center (former Ithaca Paint building)
1013 W. State St., Ithaca, NY 14850

The Bulletproof Tiger: Supreme melodic, math-rock instrumentalists. Master syncopation, tapping, instrument interplay right here.

All of them Witches: math-rock duo that should need to be a trio, but doesn't have to be. Fantastic use of syncopation, polyrhythms, melody, harmony… oh and jaw-dropping guitar / bass 6 independent two-hand tap abilities.

More bands tba....

why+the+wires, WorldService Project (UK), Nohaybandatrio (Italy), BRIAN! (duo)
Tuesday, August 20th |  8PM | $5
@ Just Be Cause Center (former Ithaca Paint building)
1013 W. State St., Ithaca, NY 14850

why+the+wires: One of Ithaca’s most creative, hard to describe, and enduring underground bands crafts a blend of angular, waltzy indie & post-punk with sax and accordion.

Nohaybandatrio : With its exuberant blend of musical influences, this Italian quartet sound ranges from post-rock to funk and math-rock to progressive-jazz whilst never losing an integral focus on harmony and melody. The simultaneous playing of drums/percussion, bass/guitar, sax/electronics, and the creative way these elements interact with each other make it a not-to-be-missed live experience.

WorldService Project: Like Frank Zappa in a Monty Python universe; progressive punk-funk-jazz delivered with a zest of humour. Dark, intense passages in a tight band-sound combine with fierce solo-ing, wacky grooves and a whole lot of fun.

More bands tba...

(4 act hip-hop show tba...)
Tuesday, August 27th | 8PM | $5
@ Just Be Cause Center
(former Ithaca Paint building)
1013 W. State St.
Ithaca, NY 14850

More info on this one soon!