Thursday, January 17, 2013

Live video from the road!  Mouth To Mouth To Mouth recently went on a 4 day mini-tour and brought back some footage for your viewing pleasure - including two new MTMTM tracks "Dank Hill" and "Bardzo Dobze".  Lots of math-rock, hardcore, and punk stuff happening here.

Mouth To Mouth To Mouth "Dank Hill" (Video by Chris Knight)

Mouth To Mouth To Mouth "Bardzo Dobze" (Video by Chris Knight)

Secret Plot to Destroy The Entire Universe (PA)

Mouth To Mouth To Mouth (Video by Toni Fallon-Goodwin)

Marloneisha (NJ)

Young Enthusiasts (MA)

County Drop (NJ)

Invisible GardenTool (NJ, one-off set from members of ex wife)

CounterPursuit (Syracuse)

Blood Money (Syracuse

Blood Money (Syracuse

The Street Rats

Triple 5 Spout (Ithaca)

Triple 5 Spout

As always, be sure and check out the Ithaca Underground YouTube channel with over 700 live music clips!